The entire Silen range of pods is exclusively available in the UK through Welltek. All pods are Carbon Neutral certified, A-Class soundproofing. Enquire for lead time. Stock available. “Silen isn’t really in the office-pod business. We’re in the space-to-focus business. With that, everything else clicks into place. The design, the engineering, and the pods themselves — portals to serene worlds.”
silen bridges portal

Silen Bridges Portal

silen bridges bond

Silen Bridges Bond

silen space hybrid

Silen Space 2 Hybrid

silen quattro

Silen Chat Box Quatro

silen chat box duo

Silen ChatBox Duo

silen chatbox solo

Silen Chatbox Solo

silen chatbox single

Silen ChatBox Single

silen outdoor

Silen Space Outdoor Office

hybrid space 2 plus

Silen Space 4 Hybrid

hybrid space 2 plus

Silen Space 2 Plus Hybrid

silen space max

Silen Space Max

Silen Space 4

Silen Space 2

silen 1.5

Silen Space 1.5

Silen Space 1

How sustainable is Silen?

It’s 100% carbon neutral and uses only recycled marine-plastic fabric. Our pods are built with the most sustainable and responsible materials. They’re designed to be easily refurbishable and to last for 20+ years. So, in terms of the market standard, our pods lead the pack in sustainability.

Can I customise my Silen Pod?

Swappable side skin and cover trim keeps your pod looking fresh and up to date (We call it Silen Dynamics.) Choose from different colors, covers, and customization options. All furniture can be easily removed and replaced.

How do Silen Pods improve focus in the workplace?

Focus is a fragile thing. Silen office pods are modern, quiet, and comfy spaces that let individuals and entire teams do their best work. Cure mental overload with headspace on both sides of the pod wall.