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Welltek has partnered with various industry-leading brands to provide a comprehensive range of office, meeting room, and home solutions for a healthier, more comfortable, and productive environment. Among the brands partnering with Welltek are Silen, Bulo, Chatboard, Inno, Framery, Xlock, and Taiga Concept. With these partnerships, Welltek ensures their customers have access to high-quality, innovative products that promote well-being and support a better work-life balance.


Silen provides cutting-edge acoustic solutions that improve sound quality while reducing noise pollution, while Bulo offers sustainable, ergonomic furniture that adapts to different work styles. Chatboard offers practical and elegant whiteboards that are interactive and stylish, while Inno provides sophisticated design furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics. With Framery, customers can enjoy customisable soundproof pods for longer meetings or focused work without disruptions. Xlock offers technologically advanced keypad locks, cabinets, and safes for added security. At the same time, Taiga Concept provides high-standard air filtration systems to improve air quality and reduce the risks of airborne illnesses.