Meeting pods

Innovative design-led solutions to support employee wellbeing​

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Martela PodMeeting – Meeting module

Martela PodMeeting Cove – Meeting module with table and screen

Martela PodBooth Meeting – Meeting module for 1 to 6 people

Martela Podbooth Duo – Soundproof meeting module for 1 to 2 people

Framery large meeting pod in office

Framery 2Q Huddle

Framery 2Q soundproof meeting room with desk chairs and screen

Framery 2Q

Framery 2Q full size lounge meeting room

Framery 2Q Lounge – The Full Size Meeting Room

Framery Q flip n fold soundproof acoustic pod ramp access

Framery Q Flip n’ Fold

Framery Q working with pal acoustic group work, interviews, private quiet work

Framery Q Working with PAL

Framery Q Meeting Maggie soundproof acoustic meeting pod

Framery Q Meeting Maggie