Silen Space 2

Silen Space 2 is a 100% Soundproof, Sustainable, Acoustic Booth designed for 1-4 people. Exclusively available in the UK.
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Silen Space 2 is designed to seat 2 people comfortably but can fit 4 for shorter meetings. Stylish, comfortable and sustainable this hassle-free pod is quick to install and is on wheels for easy relocation.

The ultimate collaborative meeting space with a modular structure meaning you can change your Silen space size when you need to. By adding modules you can upgrade your space for up to eight people.

Extra Features

Integrated Table

Tabletop dimensions: 600 x 740 mm / 23.6 x 29.1 inches

Height: 730 mm / 28.7 inches

Material: MDF + HPL

Total Thickness: 21mm

3 power outlet options: 

Floor outlet

Table Outlet

Floor outlet

Table Top Outlet:

2x230v +

1xUSB-A (power)


Cables routed through the leg

Silen Sofas


Size: 1130 mm / 44.5 inches x 797 mm / 31.4 inches x 600mm / 23.6 inches

Standard colours


Size: 1130mm / 44.5 x 1197mm/47.1in x 600 mm / 23.6 inches

Standard colours


**Standard colours + metal base hidden under carpet**

Noise Reduction

Experience peaceful conversations with minimal external noise in the innovative Silen Space 2 pods. Silen’s Space 2 pods offer a remarkable 43dB reduction in external noise, ensuring privacy and creating a tranquil environment. With up to a 34dB reduction in noise leakage, confidential discussions remain private. They have been tested and approved in real office settings as well as the only ISO-certified lab in Finland, demonstrating Silen’s commitment to exceptional performance.

The Silen Space 2 pod is designed to last 20+ years and is CarbonNeutral® certified, representing a fully renewable solution. The fabrics used in the pod are crafted using SEAQUAL® YARN made from recycled marine plastic, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Furthermore, when lights or other components require replacement, users can conveniently swap only the affected part, without the need to invest in a large contraption that they are embedded in.

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