Silen Space 1.5

Silen Space 1.5 is designed for one person. The ultimate sound-proof escape from the modern office. A-Class DB rating.
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Focus is a fragile thing. Silen office pods are modern, quiet, and comfy spaces that let individuals and entire teams do their best work. Cure mental overload with headspace on both sides of the pod wall.  Experience peace conversations with minimal external noise in our innovative Space pods. Our pods offer a remarkable 43dB reduction in external noise, ensuring privacy and creating a tranquil environment. With up to a 34dB reduction in noise leakage, confidential discussions remain private.

They have been tested and approved in real office settings as well as the only ISO-certified lab in Finland, demonstrating their exceptional performance. The Space pod is designed for simplicity, ergonomics, and automatic operation. It is equipped with a presence detector for LED management, whilst the EchoFree acoustics are optimised for speech, creating the perfect acoustic environment. Enjoy efficient air circulation with minimal noise, providing comfort without causing dry eyes. Furthermore, our pods are easily relocated thanks to the integrated wheels, offering convenience.

They provide ample space for various activities and boast larger interiors compared to other comparable alternatives, ensuring a comfortable and versatile experience. Customise your pod with your preferred furniture for a personalised touch.

Fully Customisable

Swappable side skin and cover trim keeps your pod looking fresh and always up to date (Silen Dynamics.) Choose from different colors, fabrics, veneers, and other materials. All furniture is easily removable. Swappable interior finishes coming soon.

Extra Features

Electrically adjustable table:

Tabletop dimensions: 800 x 500 mm / 32 x 20 inches

Height: min 700mm, max 1150mm

min 28in, max 45in

Material: MDF + HPL

Total thickness: 21mm / 0.83 inches

Standard colours apply

Fixed height table:

Tabletop dimensions: 800 x 550 mm / 32 x 21.6 in

Height: 740 mm / 29.1 inn

Material: MDF + HPL

Total thickness: 21mm / 0.83

Standard colours 

Vega Task Sofa

Length 90cm

Available with fixed height table

Light grey, anthracite or black

Camira Quest textile as standard

other tones for an extra fee.


Experience more than just ergonomic comfort

Adequate workspace design minimises discomfort and looks satisfactory. However, employees did not long for a return to the office after Covid. Wellbeing is crucial. Creating an enjoyable environment sparks positive outcomes.

As Churchill aptly said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Forward-thinking companies understand the significance of this. Investing in people’s well-being and emotional state is worthwhile.

  • Silen prioritise designing for both.
  • Exceeding standard air quality and circulation
  • Tailored for clear speech and minimal reverberation
  • Generous, ergonomic layout & use of safe materials
  • Validated through user tests and client feedback

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