Silen Space 1

Silens smallest space (1 person pod) is the ultimate sound-proof solution for an open plan room.
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Silens smallest space brings the greatest relief. Space 1 puts your workspace to the most efficient use by creating an oasis of silence in an open room.


The Space Collection features a simple, ergonomic, and automatic design. A presence detector controls the LEDs, while the EchoFree acoustics are optimised for speech. Air is quietly distributed from the top at a flow rate more than double the minimum standard, preventing dry eyes. It exits from the floor to maintain freshness.

Movable & Spacious

Wheels for relocation

Moving office? Our pods are easy to disassemble and reassemble, involving very few parts. Not moving office? Push the pods where you want them. Integrated wheels are just wonderful.


Room to sit, stretch, stand and move. Our pods are larger inside than most, if not all, comparable alternatives. Because compact shouldn’t feel confining. Available with furniture of your choice.

Chose the sustainable option:

Silen pods can last 20+ years, are CarbonNeutral® certified, and are fully renewable. Fabrics only use SEAQUAL® YARN made from recycled marine plastic. When lights or other parts need replacing, you won’t have to buy some large contraption they’re embedded in. Only swap the affected part.

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