Silen ChatBox Duo

Silen Chatbox Duo is the acoustic booth for those undisturbed 2-person meetings at a cost-efficient price. Exclusive Uk distributors.
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The Chatbox Duo combines quality and affordability without sacrificing essential benefits. It offers exceptional soundproofing, with a 34dB external-noise drop and up to 31dB noise reduction for private conversations. The pod features an ergonomic and automated design, with a presence detector keeping the LEDs on for convenient lighting, as well as optimised acoustics for clear speech.




Choosing a more budget-friendly option does not equate to compromising on quality. The complete Chatbox lineup upholds Silen’s fundamental advantages while accommodating stricter budget constraints.

Unmatched Soundproofing

The Chatbox range offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Silen’s commitment to essential benefits is reflected in the design of these pods, which are specifically tailored to suit more conservative spending plans. The excellent soundproofing capabilities of the Chatbox pods effectively keep external noise out and ensure that conversations stay private. With a remarkable 34dB external-noise drop, the experience inside the pod can be likened to going from a busy freeway to a serene library. Additionally, up to 31dB of noise reduction occurs when normal speech exits the pod, making eavesdropping virtually impossible. The soundproofing performance of the Chatbox has been tested in real office environments, and it is regarded as best-in-class. Notably, the Chatbox is the only ISO lab-certified product of its kind available in Finland.

The Chatbox offers simplicity, ergonomics, and automation for a user-friendly experience. Equipped with a presence detector, the LEDs in the pod remain on when occupied, ensuring adequate lighting. The acoustics of the Chatbox are optimized for speech clarity through the EchoFree technology, creating a pleasant audio environment. Adequate airflow is quietly and efficiently dispersed from the floor, exceeding the standard minimum flow rate without causing dry eye. Air exits the pod through the ceiling, maintaining a comfortable environment inside.

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