Silen ChatBox Single

The compact and stylish solution for creating private and quiet spaces for conversations and meetings. A-class Db rating. Cost-effective.
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The Silen Chatbox is the cost-efficient ultimate single-person soundproof pod without compromising on Silen Space’s distinct soundproofing qualities and design.

All Silen office pods are CarbonNeutral®️ certified

Carbon Neutral certification means that a company has followed The Carbon Neutral Protocol to make a clear, credible, transparent claim of their carbon neutral action.

Choose the sustainable option

Silen pods can last 20+ years, are CarbonNeutral® certified, and fully-renewable. Fabrics only use SEAQUAL® YARN made from recycled marine plastic. When lights or other bits need replacing, you won’t have to buy some large contraption they’re embedded in. Only swap the affected part.

Top-tier noise reduction on a budget. Chatbox privacy rooms remain faithful to Silen’s essential qualities but are designed to fit into more conservative spending plans.

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