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80 percent of employees would take up a job that offers a flexible schedule over a job that does not. 36 percent would readily leave their current job if work flexibility isn’t an option.

The new normal

The Global Pandemic has been a catalyst for workplace change, and has created a massive shift in where and how we work. As people return to the office for all or part of the week, companies need to support their staff both at home, in the workplace and wherever else they may choose to work.

Online meetings which were previously the exception are now the norm and are not going away any time soon. Yet trying to have a zoom call in an open plan office is not really an option. Companies which provide access to soundproof spaces for online meetings will avoid issues associated with noise pollution and distraction.

Solutions for hybrid working.

Framery One

Artome M10

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Flexibility is the new normal.

For those who continue to work remotely for all or part of the week, it’s important that they feel as included in the office world as possible. Products like Artome M10 doubles as AV and Video-conferencing, with the image from the online meeting being displayed on the nearest light coloured wall. This helps people feel more included in the physical meeting which is taking place in the office.

Flexibility is the new normal. We need products and solutions which support this so that office and remote working can be blended more effectively.

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Whether meetings are taking place online or people come to the office for large gatherings, we need to make it easy to use space flexibly, regardless of the location and number of employees present.