LoOok Industries

In 2009, two designers sat in a noisy business lounge, struggling to discuss the latest design trends. They realised that our lifestyles have become mobile over the last decade. Our stress levels and ability to sleep has been compromised and our levels of privacy have been reduced. LoOok Industries was born. LoOok’s aim is to design for today’s mobile lifestyle – combining technology & privacy.

“We are not furniture makers: we are storytellers. When designing a product, we want to give it a purpose, a place in this world, a part in a bigger narrative.”

Loook Box sofa

Neuron Activation Pod

Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.) for Healthcare

Nugget Sofa

Neuron Activation Pod (NAP 3.0)

Nugget Chair


LoOok Industries Lumberyard worktop table for office or home

Lumberyard Table

LoOok Industries Tiny T chairs red and black for office space

Tiny T

Acoustic work booth for privacy and quiet work

The Box Sofa

Loook Industries the box lounger single person privacy pod

Loook The Box Lounger

LoOok industries one twenty modular sofa acoustic meeting room for office


Space Chicken extended

Space Chicken

Loook Industries neuron activation pod with neurosonic technology

NAP – Neuron Activation Pod

LoOok Industries Mr snug acoustic office sofa for private meetings

Mr Snug

LoOok industries giant donuts circle bean bags chill out in office

Giant Donut

Loook Industries Day Walker tables for meetings and team work


Loook industries bazooka pouf cylinder seat and portable


Loook Industries area acoustic private meeting or phone call sofa booth