In-office breakout area

Breakout areas in office environments are crucial for fostering creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being. These designated spaces allow employees to recharge, connect with colleagues, and generate fresh ideas. Investing in breakout areas enhances productivity, boosts morale, and creates a positive work culture.
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chatboard acoustic panels acoustic single

Chat Board Dynamic Fabric Acoustic

chatbaor shelf dynamic black

Chat Board Dynamic Wood Acoustic

Chat Board Elements

Chat Board – Planner

Chat Board – DISCØ

whiteboard for office space

Chat Board Squad Solid

chat board mobile

Chat Board Mobile

Chat Board Classic

Chat Board Classic

Nugget Sofa

Neuron Activation Pod (NAP 3.0)

Nugget Chair


Bulo Dan Desk

Bulo DAN Desk

Bulo Easy Rider

Bulo DAN Rack

Bulo Monica Chair

Bulo TAB Lounge & Ottoman


Inno Wave


Inno Oka-B


Inno Aura Wood Chair