Silen Space 4 Hybrid

Experience sustainable design and versatility with the Silen Space 4 Hybrid office pod. Featuring universal accessibility, durable modular design, and a focus on longevity, this innovative workspace solution offers improved comfort, wheelchair accessibility, and endless customisation options. With a commitment to lasting up to 20 years, this eco-friendly pod promotes adaptability and minimises environmental impact while offering a modern and quiet workspace experience for all users.
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The Silen Space 2 Hybrid not only focuses on sustainability and customisation but also prioritises accessibility. It is designed with wheelchair access in mind, featuring a low threshold with an automatic door for easy entry and exit. This inclusive design ensures that individuals with mobility challenges can comfortably utilise the meeting room. By considering the needs of all users, the Silen Space 2 Hybrid promotes inclusivity and ensures that everyone can participate in meetings and collaborations without any barriers.


The Silen Space 4 Hybrid model exemplifies a commitment to sustainability through its design and features. This innovative office pod offers universal accessibility, including improved comfort and wheelchair access with an extra-low threshold and wide automatic door. The pod’s durable and modular design allows for endless customisation options, promoting longevity and reducing waste. It is designed to last up to 20 years, making it a sustainable choice for office environments that value adaptability and eco-friendliness. The Silen Space 4 Hybrid combines modern design with sustainable practices, providing a quiet and versatile workspace solution that prioritises both environmental impact and user experience.

Noise Reduction

Transform any space into a sanctuary of tranquility with Silen Hybrid Pods. With a remarkable 43dB reduction in external noise, these pods offer the perfect balance between privacy and comfort. Say goodbye to intrusive sounds as our pods provide a peaceful environment akin to a quiet library.

Inside the pod, conversations are kept private with up to 34dB reduction in sound leakage, rendering snooping virtually impossible. Tested in real office settings and approved by the world’s only ISO lab in Finland dedicated to sound testing, Silen Hybrid Pods offer unmatched acoustic performance for a truly noise-free experience.

Airy and roomy with seats and tables that fold away, these pods have accessibility in mind. Combine two or more Hybrids for an even bigger space. (Split them later if your needs change.) Note that Hybrids have a low threshold and don’t have integrated wheels.

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