Hybrid Working

At Welltek, we firmly believe that designing visually appealing workplaces is not enough. While it is essential for employees to take pride in their working environment, the often-neglected aspect of a healthy space is equally crucial. We recognize the significance of creating hybrid working environments that not only look great but also prioritize employee well-being.
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chatboard acoustic panels acoustic single

Chat Board Dynamic Fabric Acoustic

chatbaor shelf dynamic black

Chat Board Dynamic Wood Acoustic

Chat Board Elements

whiteboard for office space

Chat Board Squad Solid

chat board mobile

Chat Board Mobile

Chat Board Classic

Chat Board Classic

Chatboard Orbit

Orbit Chat Board

Neuron Activation Pod (NAP 3.0)

Bulo Dan Desk

Bulo DAN Desk

Bulo Easy Rider

Bulo Overdose

Bulo DAN Rack

VVD Bistro Sledge Base

Bulo Senses Workstation

Bulo H2O

lohko box 1


Framery 2Q Huddle

framery one soundproof pod product picture

Framery One

Artome M10 product picture

Artome M10