Our Story

At Welltek, we represent brands we believe in; forward thinking manufacturing companies which are run by ethically minded, customer-focussed people producing stand-out designs. We have curated a collection we are proud of; which is focussed on sustainability from the very first design phase, and which supports human wellbeing and neurodiversity in the workplace.

Welltek’s aim is to improve the working environment, with a focus on enhanced wellbeing and responsible sourcing in every element of design. The personal stories of their founders highlighted the need for change in how we design and use our workspace.

Both of Welltek’s founders – Emma and Neil Jenkins – came from corporate environments with large, open-plan workspaces. They understood the challenges of trying to get work done in such a busy and distracting environment and the stress that this can cause. When the acoustic pod market started to develop in 2014, they understood the problem these products were designed to solve.  Welltek brought the Finnish pod brand Framery to the UK with much success. 

It quickly became clear that wellbeing in the corporate workplace was going to be at the forefront of office design. In a recent Leesman survey it was found that employees are generally satisfied with their chair and workstation. But other more general factors such as noise in the office was a cause for concern; it ranked high in terms of importance to the majority of those surveyed yet satisfaction levels were low.

On a personal level, Neil and Emma were particularly keen to improve their own wellbeing – specifically sleep and stress management. This led them to source products such as the Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P) from Loook Industries. N.A.P effectively puts you into a meditative-like state which starts with the body and migrates to the mind. Today, N.A.P is an important element of the Welltek portfolio.

Following the Global Pandemic, the importance of employee wellbeing has become highlighted further still. The pandemic changed everything about the workplace, it has not only reminded us of how important our health is, but the shift to remote and hybrid working now needs to be supported. 

The home became the workplace and people got used to it. There were many downsides to working from home, including feeling isolated and working longer hours. But at the same time employees were able to personalise their workspace to suit their own needs and roles. Hence we now must change our approach to the design of space designed for work. More than ever, it must focus on the needs of the user. 

Today Welltek’s aim is to be part of a movement to create workplace environments which not only inspire but which also improve that environment for its users, with quality, sustainable products which consider our human needs at every step.

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