Silen Chat Box Quatro

The most spacious option in the Chatbox range, comfortably seating up to four people. Enabling you to have full confidential meetings comfortably and quietly. 100% carbon-neutral. Stock available. Exclusively available in the UK via Welltek.
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The Silen Chatbox Quatro is the most spacious option of the Chatbox range. Our innovative soundproofing technology ensures that external noise stays out while maintaining privacy within the pod. With a remarkable 34dB external-noise drop, likened to transitioning from a noisy freeway to the serene atmosphere of a library, our soundproofing capabilities are unparalleled. Inside the pod, even normal speech loses up to 31dB, making it impossible for eavesdroppers to gather any information. These excellent soundproofing features have been rigorously tested in real office environments, earning us the title of best-in-class. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being the only ISO lab in the world dedicated to testing and certifying such soundproofing technologies, with our lab located in Finland.

Customisable with a quick assembly

It takes just 30 minutes to set it up for use. Moving office? Disassembly and reassembly is just as easy, involving very few parts. The Chatbox is simple, ergonomic, and automatic. A presence detector keeps the LEDs on. Speech-optimised EchoFree acoustics feel just right. Air is dispersed quietly from the floor, at more than twice the standard minimum flow rate without causing dry eye. Air exits from the ceiling.


Silen Pods can last 20+ years, are CarbonNeutral® certified, and are fully renewable. Fabrics only use SEAQUAL® YARN made from recycled marine plastic. When lights or other bits need replacing, you won’t have to buy some large contraption they’re embedded in. Only swap the affected thing.

Sharing an hour with just four people is a luxurious experience. Utilise this time effectively, free from external disturbances, and without causing any disruptions to the surroundings. Use this time to meet, concentrate, and generate ideas in a tranquil and private setting.

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