Office Meeting space

Create an ideal office meeting space for productive discussions and innovation, ensuring privacy, engagement, and comfort in every meeting.
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chatboard acoustic panels acoustic single

Chat Board Dynamic Fabric Acoustic

chatbaor shelf dynamic black

Chat Board Dynamic Wood Acoustic

Chat Board Elements

whiteboard for office space

Chat Board Squad Solid

chat board mobile

Chat Board Mobile

Chat Board Classic

Chat Board Classic

VVD Bistro Sledge Base

DAN lounge

DAN lounge

Bulo Senses Workstation

Bulo H2O


Inno Basso S Y+C

Martela PodMeeting Xpress – Table with screen

Martela PodMeeting Cove – Meeting module with table and screen

Martela PodMeeting – Meeting module

Martela Noora Meet & Work – Meeting module for 2-6 persons

Acoustic work booth for privacy and quiet work

The Box Sofa

Loook Industries the box lounger single person privacy pod

Loook The Box Lounger