Hybrid hospitality is stacking different business models on one square metre in order to use resources far more efficiently and to reduce unused capacity

Redesigning audio-visual for hospitality.

Artome M10 is a movable, installation-free smart furniture solution for presentation and video-conferencing, with the bonus of a built-in sound system. Artome redesigns the audio-visual experience by providing an all-in-one solution that combines high technology with beautiful design. Post-Covid we are experiencing a huge shift in the hospitality industry. Artome provides the flexibility to support the changing needs of hotels, allowing hotels to multi-purpose their spaces; from ad hoc conference facilities, to hosting evening classes, to party venues. All installation free and with no fuss. 

Controlled access to silent space.

Many hotels have large lobbies and other spaces which could be utilised for new revenue streams. Welltek has enabled controlled access to soundproof phone booths and meeting rooms for hotel guests and non-residents. In a recent case study with a large coffee shop chain, most of the phone booths were booked for first interviews which predominantly take place online. City centre hotels in particular can take advantage of their location, where users can book a pod to interview or meet in privacy during their lunch breaks.

Lighting for health and flexibility.

Conference facilities are often located in spaces where natural light is lacking or non-existent. This is fine for short periods, but humans are not designed to go without natural light for long periods during the day. It affects the circadian rhythm, which in turn impacts sleep, mood, memory and even our mental health. Welltek brings the benefits of nature-inspired lighting to fit any size interior. Light Cognitive skylights and light panels recreate natural light in indoor spaces.  Thus, allowing spaces to be multi-purposed from conference facilities one day to exhibition spaces, dining rooms or yoga classes the next.