Silen Chatbox Solo

When a basic phone booth feels too cramped for serious work, Solo takes over. More room to focus for longer and keep outside distractions at bay.
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When the confines of a traditional phone booth start to feel restrictive for intensive work, Solo steps in to offer a more expansive and conducive space. With Solo, you have the freedom to spread out and fully immerse yourself in your tasks, allowing you to focus for longer periods of time while minimising distractions from your surroundings. This spacious environment not only enhances your comfort but also enables you to maintain a high level of concentration, ensuring that you can work undisturbed and achieve peak productivity

Fast Installation

It takes just 30 minutes to set it up for use. Moving office? Disassembly and reassembly is just as easy, involving very few parts.

Don't compromise on your comfort...

The Chatbox is a sleek and user-friendly phone booth featuring automatic functions for ease and comfort. The integrated presence detector ensures that the interior LED lighting remains on when occupied, providing convenient lighting for the user. The acoustics are optimized for speech clarity and feature EchoFree technology, allowing users to communicate without distortion or unnecessary background noise. Air is evenly and noiselessly distributed through the floor and exits through the ceiling, preventing the booth from feeling stuffy or causing dry eyes. With exceptional soundproofing and a 34dB external noise reduction, the Chatbox can transform a bustling office into a calm and focused environment. Furthermore, all speech within the booth loses up to 31dB of volume on its way out, ensuring privacy and security for conversations.

The Chatbox has been tested against industry-leading standards and is considered the best-in-class for noise reduction. The product has been put through rigorous testing in a real office setting, and its acoustic properties have been certified by the world’s only ISO lab for such technology located in Finland.

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