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An innovative collection of design-led, sustainable products to support today’s ever changing workplace environment and employee wellbeing
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silen bridges portal

Silen Bridges Portal

silen bridges bond

Silen Bridges Bond

silen space hybrid

Silen Space 2 Hybrid

silen quattro

Silen Chat Box Quatro

silen chat box duo

Silen ChatBox Duo

silen chatbox solo

Silen Chatbox Solo

silen chatbox single

Silen ChatBox Single

silen outdoor

Silen Space Outdoor Office

hybrid space 2 plus

Silen Space 4 Hybrid

hybrid space 2 plus

Silen Space 2 Plus Hybrid

silen space max

Silen Space Max

Silen Space 4

Silen Space 2

silen 1.5

Silen Space 1.5

Silen Space 1