At Welltek, our passion lies in transforming healthcare spaces to create a better environment for patients and medical professionals alike. We believe that the right furniture can make a significant difference in enhancing wellbeing and improving the overall experience in healthcare facilities.

Neuron Activation Pod

If you’re an NHS staff member experiencing high levels of stress and fatigue, the Neurosonic Activation Pod (N.A.P) offers a solution to help you unwind and rejuvenate. This innovative technology harnesses the power of gentle vibrations to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, triggering a natural relaxation response in your body. By reducing muscle tension and promoting a calm state of mind, the N.A.P aids in alleviating stress and fatigue.

One key benefit of incorporating the N.A.P into your routine is its ability to promote deeper and more restful sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, napping has numerous advantages, including improved memory and cognitive function, enhanced creativity and productivity, and a reduction in stress levels and the risk of accidents. Regardless of the time of day, the N.A.P’s carefully curated programs are designed to support healthier sleep patterns, allowing you to feel refreshed and revitalised.


55% of nurses experience fatigue during work almost always or all the time.

Bringing good vibrations to the NHS.

Experience the transformative effects of the N.A.P in just 10 minutes. Its low-level vibrations effectively engage the Parasympathetic system, facilitating stress reduction and creating a meditation-like experience. By incorporating this innovative technology into your daily routine, you can combat stress, improve your overall well-being, and enhance your ability to handle the demands of your work.

Studies show how scheduled nap breaks of 20-30 min between 2-5 am and 2-5 pm over a 12h shift can relieve fatigue and drowsiness improving focus and efficiency in the subsequent working hours, boosting performance and productivity.

“Welltek kindly provided a NAP to us early in the pandemic. We have since redeveloped our wellbeing hub and the NAP has its own private room. The hub is open 24/7 for people who work here to relax and unwind. Staff of all professional groups use it – nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, security guards, administrators. NAP is valued and it helps people to feel valued in the organisation as it is one of a suite of facilities designed to support wellbeing.”

Claire Davis Head of Wellbeing
Whips Cross NHS

Revolutionise Healthcare Communication with ChatBoard.

In an environment where time and accuracy are of the essence, Chat Board offers a simple yet powerful tool to transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced within NHS hospitals. We have successfully integrated Chat Boards into our Consultation Pods, which has proven to be a game-changer for healthcare professionals, enhancing the way patient care is organised and delivered.

 Cost-effective communication: Chat Board enhances communication, collaboration, and visual representation of patient care, empowering healthcare providers to deliver higher-quality care while reducing administrative burdens. 

 Efficient Shift Changes: During handovers, Chat Board offers a snapshot of patient conditions and treatments. This ensures smooth transitions and continuity of care.

 Visual Clarity: Visual representation aids comprehension, especially in fast-paced environments. It helps teams visualise care pathways, track progress, and highlight urgent tasks for quicker decision-making. 

 Sustainability: Traditional whiteboards stain over time and become unusable. Chat Board never stains and is part of a cradle-to-cradle programme.

Traditional whiteboards are prone to staining over time, which can make the information illegible and unhygienic. This not only hinders the effectiveness of communication but also poses challenges in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. In contrast, ChatBoards offer a superior alternative by being stain-proof, moveable and elegant. 

Private  Consultation Pods

Consultation Pods

Introducing our easy and ready-made soundproof solution for remote patient consultations. Our confidential pods are designed to support both consultant-to-patient and consultant-to-consultant meetings, ensuring secure and private discussions regarding sensitive patient information. Not only do these pods provide complete privacy, but they also offer the advantage of space-saving installation. They can be easily positioned in reception areas and hallways, allowing for the optimal utilization of available space. The flexibility of our confidential pods is unmatched as they can be effortlessly moved within the same building or even to another site. In addition to their practicality, these pods are a sustainable choice compared to constructing permanent meeting rooms. By incorporating confidential pods, healthcare providers can enhance the quality of care, improve the patient experience, and optimize hospital operations.