Silen Space 2 Hybrid

Discover the Silen Space 2 Hybrid, an innovative acoustic pod designed for ultimate privacy and productivity. This sustainable and versatile pod offers accessible features, customizable design options, and a focus on user wellbeing. Explore the global reseller network, success stories, and detailed FAQs to learn more about this durable and eco-friendly solution for creating a quiet and private workspace.
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Welcome to Silen Hybrid, the revolutionary new pod family that features universal accessibility for everyone. Designed with wheelchair users in mind, Silen Hybrid is fully ADA/EAA-compliant, making it the perfect choice for home or office.

With low thresholds, automatic doors, and custom-designed furniture, Silen Hybrid offers unparalleled ease of access. Whether you’re walking or rolling, you can enjoy silence and privacy in a pod that’s truly accessible to all.



Noise Reduction

Transform any space into a sanctuary of tranquility with Silen Hybrid Pods. With a remarkable 43dB reduction in external noise, these pods offer the perfect balance between privacy and comfort. Say goodbye to intrusive sounds as our pods provide a peaceful environment akin to a quiet library.

Inside the pod, conversations are kept private with up to 34dB reduction in sound leakage, rendering snooping virtually impossible. Tested in real office settings and approved by the world’s only ISO lab in Finland dedicated to sound testing, Silen Hybrid Pods offer unmatched acoustic performance for a truly noise-free experience.


At Silen Space Hybrid 2, Silen are committed to sustainability and ethical practices from start to finish. By utilising responsibly-sourced materials and emphasising modularity and durability, we aim to reduce waste in both production and consumption. Our focus on lowering emissions and minimising our carbon footprint underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship.

To accurately measure the carbon footprint of our products, we employ a comprehensive cradle-to-grave scientific method. This method accounts for every stage of a product’s life cycle, from raw material extraction and manufacturing to delivery, product use, and disposal after more than 20 years. In our pursuit of carbon neutrality, we implement a combination of internal efficiency measures, reliance on renewable energy sources, and participation in external emissions-reduction initiatives.

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our CarbonNeutral® certification, which applies to all Silen products except Bridges and Outdoor models that are currently not certified. By choosing Silen Space Hybrid 2, you are investing in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious solution that prioritizes both quality and eco-friendliness.

Airy and roomy with seats and tables that fold away, these pods have accessibility in mind. Combine two or more Hybrids for an even bigger space. (Split them later if your needs change.) Note that Hybrids have a low threshold and don’t have integrated wheels.

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