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Designed to bring people together in dedicated, acoustically-enhanced focus areas, breaking down barriers between different parts of your office, and fostering collaboration and creativity.
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Groups and meetings differ, sometimes by the hour. Combine these modular arcs to create instant, flexible focus zones. Suitable for 1-∞. In spirit, these room dividers unite workspaces. They bridge the gaps between different parts of your office. The goal is not to separate people but to bring them together in dedicated, acoustically-enhanced focus areas. Silen Bridges are airy, pleasant places designed for better communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Enhanced Acoustics & Innovative Design

Acoustically enhanced arcs improve sound focus. That’s right, even with open sides, sound can be manipulated to serve the goal of a quieter, more focused workspace.

Engineered by the team that won the NeoCon Innovation Award, in partnership with designer Kai Stania.

Plug & Play

Easy to install and ready to use. Order a no-frills arc, or opt for a version with power and automatic lighting. Power sockets are an optional feature for the Bridges room uniter. If it was chosen for your product, then absolutely: charge your phone, watch, laptop — even an electric car (it should easily fit inside a Silen Bridges Portal). There are power outlets aplenty, with proper plugs for your part of the world.


Bridges can last 20+ years and are fully renewable. Fabrics only use SEAQUAL® YARN made from recycled marine plastic. When lights or other bits need replacing, you won’t have to buy some large contraption they’re embedded in. Only swap the affected thing.

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