Silen Space 2 Plus Hybrid

A larger alternative to the Space Hybrid 2, accommodating two extra individuals. Wheelchair Accessible. 1-6 people. Exclusive UK distributors.
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Elevate your workspace with the Space 2 Plus Hybrid from Silen Space, a smart solution designed to accommodate up to four individuals comfortably. This larger alternative to the Space Hybrid 2 pod ensures inclusivity by providing ample space for wheelchair users and other individuals with accessibility needs. With a focus on sustainability, the pod features CarbonNeutral® certification and renewable materials, including fabrics made from recycled marine plastic. Enjoy long-lasting quality with a design that allows for easy maintenance and component replacement, making it a convenient and versatile choice for modern office environments.

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Low threshold with an automatic door. Integrated folding table with power outlet and USB chargers. Sleek and room-saving folding chairs.


Silen Hybrid is wheelchair-friendly and ADA/EAA-compliant. In fact, it’s the world’s first and only full pod family to offer universal accessibility. Low thresholds, automatic doors, and custom-designed furniture mean everyone can roll or walk in with ease. Depending on the pod size, up to 4 wheelchair users can enjoy silence and privacy simultaneously.

Silen pods are designed with handicapped accessibility in mind, offering durability for over 20 years with CarbonNeutral® certification and fully renewable materials. Our fabrics utilise SEAQUAL® YARN crafted from recycled marine plastic. When it comes to maintenance, there’s no need to replace an entire unit for simple repairs such as lights or other components. Just swap out the affected part, making upkeep more convenient and user-friendly.

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