Bulo furniture is a Belgian company founded in 1963 in Mechelen. They pride themselves on producing high-quality office furniture solutions.  

Bulo DAN Desk


Bulo Easy Rider


Bulo Overdose


Bulo DAN Rack


VVD Bistro Sledge Base

Bulo VVD Bistro 4 wooden legs

Bulo DAN lounge

Bulo Tab Mesh Desk Chair

Bulo SB55 Table

office chair with armrests on wheels

Bulo Pub&Club Chair

office commercial lounge chair

Bulo Monica Chair

office chair conference room no armrests

Bulo TAB Lounge & Ottoman

office chair for conference room with armrests and on wheels

Bulo VVD Chair High Back

office chair with armrests and on wheels open plan office

Bulo VVD Slim Chair

Bulo DAN Meeting Table

Bulo Senses Workstation

Bulo H2O