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Introducing the DAN table by Bulo – a masterpiece of modern design that combines functionality with aesthetics. The name “DAN” is derived from the Japanese martial arts term meaning “level,” which perfectly encapsulates the balance and harmony embodied by this exceptional piece of furniture. Crafted with precision and care, the DAN table is available in a range of sizes, making it the perfect fit for any workspace. Whether you require a compact desk for your home office or a large, spacious work surface for your business, the DAN table has got you covered. With its sleek, contemporary design, this desk is sure to elevate any workspace and inspire creativity. In addition to its practicality, the DAN table is also highly customizable. You can choose from a variety of connector colours to match your personal style and taste, while the solid wood construction ensures durability and longevity. This desk is not only beautiful and functional, but also built to last. At Bulo, we believe that your workspace should be a reflection of your unique personality and style. That’s why we’ve designed the DAN table to be highly versatile and customizable, so you can create a workspace that is truly your own. The DAN table is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality, design, and functionality in their furniture.
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DAN is a modular collection designed to create versatile and enjoyable workspaces, free from the constraints of space, time, and location. Inspired by traditional Japanese joinery, DAN features solid ash wood ladders and beams, along with metal connecting parts. The name “DAN” signifies the ladder system inherent in the collection.

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There are many architects, interior designers, product developers, and craftsmen as part of the Bulo Team. Creating products with an eye for detail and more importantly, passion Bulo help people find pleasure in their daily activities. Bulo’s innovative collections have been created by exploring the unexplored.


DAN is an environmentally friendly collection. The structure is made out of CO2-neutral, FSC-certified solid ash wood from European origin. The tops and shelves are co2 neutral. They are made out of laminated FSC-certified chipboard. The FSC-certified veneer is of European origin. The connectors in black and red are made out of recycled aluminium which reduces the co2 emission 80% compared to new aluminium. The finish of the stability panels will always be in black melamine.

Bulo believes that change and evolution are inevitable. In today’s world, the boundaries between workspace and home have become blurred. Offices are integrating home and there are hospitality elements in the workplace landscape. Homes are now equipped with office components allowing ways of working from home and changing the characterisation of work to be less conventional and more fluid and mobile.

Moreover, confidence in people making their own aesthetic and ergonomic choices has grown, and when factoring in progress in science and technology, the change escalated. Bulo welcomes this change and views it as a challenge to broaden its design horizons and inspire innovation.

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