Framery 2Q Huddle

“The 2Q is the perfect space for team meetings but at a fraction of the cost of building a separate meeting room.”

Launched in May 2021, the Huddle interior option offers an ideal setup for team meetings, whether everyone attending is present or some are joining remotely. Four people can easily huddle up around a spacious table where everyone fits comfortably and can move around freely! Thanks to the low-level entrance, the 2Q is wheelchair accessible.

Adding a TV or display screen to the wall opposite a whiteboard set boosts functionality.

The 2Q Huddle can be specified in a wide range of external colours including white, grey and black. There are also many fabric and colour options for interior upholstery.
The indoor air quality of all Framery products is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is found to be well within the limits of M1 emission classification. Total airflow in the Framery 2Q is 100 l/s.

Framery 2Q Huddle comes now with a copper-plated door handle (optional). Used for health purposes, copper makes viruses disintegrate much quicker than any plastic or stainless steel surface. Moreover, an anti-microbial non-toxic fabric is now available. This material deactivates the biochemicals within each microbe or virus. In addition to being effective against COVID-19, this anti-microbial fabric is waterproof, bleach cleanable and stain-resistant.

In January 2021, a new standard ISO 23351-1 has been introduced to the industry to efficiently measure the level of the pod’s sound insulation. Framery 2Q has a 29 dB speech level of reduction. It is of the best rates that enables reaching a high level of privacy when you are inside the pod.

Caring about your safety and the environment, no flammable materials are used in the 2Q Huddle and most of the materials are recycled or recyclable. To illustrate its environmental impact, the acoustic foam is up to 70% recycled.

Measurements: 222 cm x 235 cm x 280 cm (h, w, d) – 950kg without furniture.

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