Bulo Overdose

The Overdose series of office items draws inspiration from the designer’s own cluttered workspace. The collection aims to bring a sense of order to the chaos, whether you’re working in a professional setting or at home. With its playful yet organised aesthetic, Overdose adds a touch of dynamism and enjoyment to your environment. Say goodbye to dull and uninspiring workspaces and embrace the creative energy of Overdose.
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The designer of the Overdose collection Bram Boo believes that design is a way of life and a way to surprise. Challenging the norm and aspiring to create new ideas and emotions Boo focuses on function and aesthetic values. His designs are considered surprising but unique and poetic and his design approach is as wide as the meaning of design is broad.

Bulo believes that change and evolution are inevitable. In today’s world, the boundaries between workspace and home have become blurred. Offices are integrating home and there are hospitality elements in the workplace landscape. Homes are now equipped with office components allowing ways of working from home and changing the characterisation of work to be less conventional and more fluid and mobile.

Moreover, confidence in people making their own aesthetic and ergonomic choices has grown, and when factoring in progress in science and technology, the change escalated. Bulo welcomes this change and views it as a challenge to broaden its design horizons and inspire innovation.

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