Chat Board Dynamic Fabric Acoustic

Dynamic extends a warm invitation to architects and space planners, encouraging them to explore the realm of personalised and unique solutions. With its wide range of combinations, Dynamic offers a diverse selection of materials, finish textures, and colour options, providing ample opportunities for architects and space planners to create bespoke and individualised solutions for their projects.
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Dynamic Fabric Acoustic exemplifies a strong commitment to sound reduction, as it incorporates class-A acoustic panels that are elegantly enveloped in a selection of environmentally sustainable fabrics. This meticulous fusion achieves a harmonious equilibrium between various surface textures.

DYNAMIC Fabric Acoustic - Full Coverage

The CHAT BOARD® DYNAMIC Fabric Acoustic – Full Coverage line is meticulously designed to provide expansive, mobile room division capabilities. These variants offer a built-in writable glass board on one side, complemented by a functional surface of your choosing on the other, ensuring versatility and adaptability in any environment.

DYNAMIC Fabric Acoustic - Shelf

The CHAT BOARD® DYNAMIC Fabric Acoustic – Shelf collection showcases a brilliant amalgamation of the dynamic versatility of a movable partition wall and the practicality of a functional shelving system. These variants offer a harmonious blend of storage capacity and writing surface, with both sides mirroring each other to provide a double-sided advantage.

Originally trained as a cabinetmaker, Claus Jakobsen emerged as a prominent figure in the Danish design scene following his graduation from the esteemed Danish School of Design in 2004. Over the course of his career, Jakobsen has established himself as a significant force within the industry.

Having served as the Design Manager at HAY for eight years, Jakobsen played a pivotal role in leading the design department. Subsequently, he spent an additional three years as the Product Manager at Muuto, making substantial contributions to the reinvigoration of the Danish furniture and design sector. Notably, his portfolio showcases an impressive collection of modern design classics.

In 2015, Jakobsen collaborated with his long-time friend and fellow Design School graduate, Jens Kajus, to establish the Copenhagen-based design studio, Million. Their shared vision revolves around the creation of meticulously crafted pieces tailored to human scale, utilizing materials of unparalleled quality, and adhering to a precise design aesthetic. Through their collaborative efforts, they have produced numerous signature designs that have garnered recognition in prestigious projects worldwide.

In 2021, Claus Jakobsen assumed the role of Head of Design at CHAT BOARD, leading the company’s transition towards a design-centric approach. He spearheads the company’s mission to offer exquisite, innovative, and functional solutions to the ever-evolving working world.



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