Bulo Senses Workstation

Senses collection consists of three organic top shapes, the egg, bean and rock, also available in a wide variety of sizes from coffee tables to large meeting tables. Van Reeth’s vision of creating a more organic and humanistic work environment has led to a perfect fusion of soft shapes, luxurious materials, and state-of-the-art technology. The harmonious design is a perfect storm of innovative thinking, resulting in a workspace that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with a warm, inviting atmosphere.
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Bulo decided to collaborate on the development of such a new product with Belgian interior architect Nathalie Van Reeth. It would be an exploration of the humanity, meaning and future of work. With a simple set of criteria, Nathalie collaborated with Bulo Design to design forms less rigid, less rectangular, and less severe. Influenced by softer forms found in nature, they created a highly functioning system that, bereft of unnecessary elements and too many straight edges, would make workers feel more at home. The resulting Senses height adjustable workstation system offers a simple planning template, staggered user site lines defined by organic work surface shapes, an opportunity to play with a variety of welcoming surface colours, and the smoothest sit-to-stand table mechanism available on the market.


Invisible wireless charger

Round grommet diameter 60 mm/ 2.5” available on three positions on the user’s side: left, central, right

Upholstered screen w.800 x h.400 or 600 mm / w 31.5” x h 16” or 23.5” available on three positions on the user’s side: left, central, right

Cable net for horizontal cable management

Vertical cable management set


Bulo believes that change and evolution are inevitable. In today’s world, the boundaries between workspace and home have become blurred. Offices are integrating home and there are hospitality elements in the workplace landscape. Homes are now equipped with office components allowing ways of working from home and changing the characterisation of work to be less conventional and more fluid and mobile.

Moreover, confidence in people making their own aesthetic and ergonomic choices has grown, and when factoring in progress in science and technology, the change escalated. Bulo welcomes this change and views it as a challenge to broaden its design horizons and inspire innovation.

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