Consultation Pod for Healthcare

Our Consultation Pod is a convenient and ideal solution for private online consultations between patients and doctors. It ensures that sensitive information remains protected, and patients can comfortably and confidently discuss their health concerns with their healthcare providers, knowing that their conversations are entirely secure and confidential.

Chat Board Dynamic Fabric Acoustic

chatboard acoustic panels acoustic single

Dynamic extends a warm invitation to architects and space planners, encouraging them to explore the realm of personalised and unique solutions. With its wide range of combinations, Dynamic offers a diverse selection of materials, finish textures, and colour options, providing ample opportunities for architects and space planners to create bespoke and individualised solutions for their projects.

Chat Board Dynamic Wood Acoustic

chatbaor shelf dynamic black

Dynamic extends a warm invitation to architects and space planners, encouraging them to explore the realm of personalised and unique solutions. With a vast array of combinations, encompassing a diverse selection of materials, finish textures, and an extensive colour palette, there is ample opportunities for customisation.

Chat Board Elements

CHAT BOARD® Elements provides an exceptional platform for visualizing and communicating ideas and information during meetings, educational settings, or brainstorming sessions. Its glass surface is pristine, ensuring that your content is displayed in the best possible light. Whether you are presenting complex ideas or simple concepts, CHAT BOARD® Elements provides an ideal canvas for your creativity to flourish.

Chat Board Buzzifelt

Introducing the CHAT BOARD® BuzziFelt – a magnetic, felt-covered pinboard that can be easily mounted on your wall. Crafted with 100% recycled P.E.T. felt that is 6mm thick, this pinboard also doubles as a sound-dampening panel, making it the perfect partner for our wall-mounted glass boards. With CHAT BOARD® BuzziFelt, you can now enjoy the convenience of a pinboard while reducing noise levels in your workspace.

Chat Board – Planner

Looking for an analogue planning tool that’s perfect for your office or home? Look no further than CHAT BOARD® Planner! This unique planner comes with a digitally printed weekly or yearly planner grid, based on your preference. With CHAT BOARD® Planner, you can easily coordinate upcoming events, jot down important dates, and get a clear overview of current and future plans. Plus, it’s a fun way to stay organized and keep everyone on the same page!

Chat Board – DISCØ

The CHAT BOARD® DISCØ [di·skow] collection is a new and innovative line of glass board accessories that offers a fresh take on traditional designs. This collection has been carefully crafted to provide a comfortable user experience, with wooden discs that are shaped to fit the human hand. The warmth of the wood adds a reassuring touch to the process of erasing and adhering, making it a pleasure to use. With a playful twist, the CHAT BOARD® DISCØ collection brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to any workspace

Chat Board – Wardrobe

The CHAT BOARD® Wardrobe is a cleverly designed piece of furniture that combines a spacious wardrobe unit with a large, magnetic glass board. This innovative product is a testament to the clear and intentionally understated design aesthetics of the entire CHAT BOARD® collection. By transforming the signature glass board into a stationary piece of furniture, the CHAT BOARD® Wardrobe adds a new dimension to its core purpose, making it a functional and stylish addition to any workspace or living area.

Chat Board Move Acoustic

The CHAT BOARD® Move Acoustic is an innovative product that seamlessly combines a magnetic and writable glass board with a class A acoustic panel. This product is available in two perfectly proportioned movable room dividers, designed to shape multi-functional and creative spaces within spaces. The Move Acoustic is expertly crafted with a high-quality finish, using Remix Screen or Relate Screen fabric by Kvadrat. It features an ingenious “stackable” cross-base, which allows you to store several units in even the smallest space. With its stylish and functional design, the CHAT BOARD® Move Acoustic offers a perfect balance of style and substance, making it an ideal addition to any modern workspace or living area.

Chat Board Squad Solid

whiteboard for office space

Experience the ultimate in accessibility and simplicity with the CHAT BOARD® SQUAD Solid. This innovative collection has been designed with a focus on functionality and practicality, stripping away any unnecessary elements to achieve the perfect balance of form and function. The design has been refined to its core essence, resulting in a sleek and stylish collection of pieces that are perfectly suited to facilitating creative expression and interaction. With the CHAT BOARD® SQUAD Solid, you can enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience that allows you to unleash your creativity and collaborate with others in a dynamic and engaging way. Whether you’re in a corporate setting or a creative workspace, the CHAT BOARD® SQUAD Solid is an essential tool for anyone who values simplicity, accessibility, and functionality. Order your CHAT BOARD® SQUAD Solid today and experience the ultimate in modern design and functionality!

The SQUAD Solid maintains a one-to-one correspondence with the original designs, but now presents itself in clean-cut silhouettes with a strong, minimalist aesthetic. These pieces offer the same advantages and qualities as their counterparts, coming together as a cohesive collection of flexible and freestanding units designed for both connection and separation as needed.

Chat Board Mobile

chat board mobile

Introducing the CHAT BOARD® Mobile – the ultimate multi-purpose solution for the modern workplace. This innovative product has been expertly designed to meet the demands of the ever-changing workplace, providing a versatile and practical solution for creative expression and collaboration. With its ingenious design, robust construction, and remarkably stable steel base, the CHAT BOARD® Mobile is virtually impossible to overturn, providing ample freedom to indulge in the creative process without any constraints. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas with colleagues, presenting to clients, or working on your own, the CHAT BOARD® Mobile offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Its sleek and modern design is perfectly suited to any workspace, while its practical features make it an essential tool for anyone who values creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Don’t let your workspace hold you back – experience the ultimate in multi-purpose solutions with CHAT BOARD® Mobile. Order yours today and take your workspace to the next level!

Chat Board Classic

White board for office space

The CHAT BOARD® Classic is a versatile and innovative tool that inspires creative dialogue and facilitates the exchange of ideas and information. Its unique design allows for the visualisation, organisation, and sharing of ideas, making it an ideal addition to any office, meeting, or breakout space. The sleek and elegant design of the board is deceptively simple, with each element serving a clear purpose and no unnecessary embellishments. The glass surface is smooth and magnetic, providing a satisfying experience for writing and drawing. With its timeless design and practical functionality, the CHAT BOARD® Classic is a must-have tool for any creative workspace. Order now and experience the ultimate in creative collaboration!

Orbit Chat Board

Chatboard Orbit

Discover the Chat Board Orbit – a playful and casual take on the magnetic and writable glass board. With its strong geometric shape of a perfect circle, this board invites creative expression and functional wall compositions in both professional and residential environments. The Chat Board Orbit is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile and stylish tool that can enhance any workspace. Its unique design and practical functionality make it an ideal addition to any modern office or home. Experience the perfect blend of style and function with the Chat Board Orbit. Order now and take your creative space to the next level!

The Orbit board is adorned in a selection of four vibrant colours, complemented by a pristine white option. Alongside its three available sizes, this collection provides endless possibilities for creating personalised combinations that add a touch of individuality to your space.

Crafted with the highest quality standards in mind, the CHAT BOARD® Orbit features 4 mm tempered safety glass, ensuring durability and peace of mind. Its smooth and rounded C-edges exude a polished finish. The board is available in three standard sizes and five standard colours. Furthermore, it can be custom-made upon request in bespoke standard RAL and NCS glass colours, offering tailored options to suit your specific preferences.

Nugget Sofa

Looking for the ultimate indulgence in relaxation for your office space? Look no further than the Nugget Sofa. This cozy sofa boasts a fun and playful design that is sure to add a touch of character to any office environment. Perfect for lounging in various office settings, from conference rooms and break areas to reception and waiting areas, the Nugget Sofa’s compact size makes it convenient for any space. Get ready to sink in and unwind with the Nugget Sofa’s unique and functional design.

For added versatility, the Nugget Sofa offers an optional privacy screen that can be positioned on either the right or left side. You can also customize your privacy screen with an optional x-hanger. This convenient feature provides a dedicated space to hang your belongings, whether it’s your coat, a creative assortment of bowling pins tied together with a leather string, or even your prized vintage Jason Voorhees Halloween costume.

Neuron Activation NAP Pod (3.0)

The Neuron Activation NAP Pod is an innovative and advanced piece of technology that revolutionises the concept of office spaces. It incorporates cutting-edge Finnish health technology to provide a unique experience, going beyond a traditional sleep pod or silent capsule.

By emitting very low-frequency vibrations into the body, the Neuron Activation Pod harnesses the body’s natural healing abilities, particularly in relation to sleep quality. The technology induces a meditative state by mechanically guiding the user, allowing the autonomic nervous system to activate and relax without conscious effort. This activation of the nervous system can alleviate stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and even pain, as reported by customers. The pod also offers preventive benefits for daily well-being.

Nugget Chair

Looking for a comfortable and versatile relaxation option? The Nugget Chair is the perfect choice. Its compact and convenient size makes it suitable for various environments, including lounges, chill-out areas, bars, and cafés. Plus, the Nugget Chair offers an optional privacy screen that can be positioned on either the right or left side, adding even more versatility to your space. You can even customize the privacy screen with an optional x-hanger, providing a convenient spot to hang items like your coat, a collection of books, or even your favorite vintage Halloween costume. Get ready to relax in style with the Nugget Chair.


Introducing Loook’s Vrooom, the small lounge chair that packs a punch! This unique chair on wheels is perfect for those who want to add a touch of fun and functionality to their space. The name Vrooom! comes from the roaring sound made by a motor at high speed, but don’t let that fool you – this chair doesn’t have a motor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride! The Vrooom! chair’s wheels allow you to easily move around your space, making it perfect for those who like to change up their environment. You may not reach high speeds with this chair, but who knows what kind of adventures await you? Get ready to add a playful touch to your space with Loook’s Vrooom.

It was never meant to be a great handling street machine as the driver sits on top of the chair, making for a high center of gravity. The horsepower rating is not exactly earth-shattering, and it has less torque than a baby turning a hand wrench. However, it will help you get from point A to point B easier than ever before. Especially those times when you really have to bring your lounge chair.

Now you can effectively transport tired friends and co-workers within and around the office premises. Vrooom! has a max weight carrying capacity of around 200 KG, assuming level floors and fair distribution of cargo.

Bulo DAN Desk


Introducing the DAN table by Bulo – a masterpiece of modern design that combines functionality with aesthetics. The name “DAN” is derived from the Japanese martial arts term meaning “level,” which perfectly encapsulates the balance and harmony embodied by this exceptional piece of furniture.

Crafted with precision and care, the DAN table is available in a range of sizes, making it the perfect fit for any workspace. Whether you require a compact desk for your home office or a large, spacious work surface for your business, the DAN table has got you covered. With its sleek, contemporary design, this desk is sure to elevate any workspace and inspire creativity.

In addition to its practicality, the DAN table is also highly customizable. You can choose from a variety of connector colours to match your personal style and taste, while the solid wood construction ensures durability and longevity. This desk is not only beautiful and functional, but also built to last.

At Bulo, we believe that your workspace should be a reflection of your unique personality and style. That’s why we’ve designed the DAN table to be highly versatile and customizable, so you can create a workspace that is truly your own. The DAN table is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality, design, and functionality in their furniture.

Bulo Easy Rider


The Easy Rider, designed by Danny Venlet, was born out of the designer’s frustration with the uninspired seating found in airport waiting areas. Venlet’s solution was a mobile desk seat that combines functionality and versatility. Its unique design makes it suitable for a wide range of environments and purposes. Whether you need a comfortable seat for lounging, a practical workstation for your laptop, or just a place to sit, the Easy Rider has got you covered.