Bulo TAB Lounge & Ottoman

The TAB chair by Bulo is a humanistic response to the various ways we sit on a chair, created with elegance, creativity and discipline by Alain Berteau. The TAB Lounge chair maintains the distinctive profile of the TAB chair whilst offering a more relaxed seating position.
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The TAB Lounge & Ottoman are designed by Alain Berteau. His creations are simple, intense and constantly defying the norm. His studio practice puts as much emphasis on the environment and surroundings of the projects as with the design of the product itself.


Base Polished Aluminium, Black Lacquered or Chrome
Shell European Oak, Black Lacquered European Oak or Walnut
Upholstery Multiple fabric available

Bulo believes that change and evolution are inevitable. In today’s world, the boundaries between workspace and home have become blurred. Offices are integrating home and there are hospitality elements in the workplace landscape. Homes are now equipped with office components allowing ways of working from home and changing the characterisation of work to be less conventional and more fluid and mobile.

Moreover, confidence in people making their own aesthetic and ergonomic choices has grown, and when factoring in progress in science and technology, the change escalated. Bulo welcomes this change and views it as a challenge to broaden its design horizons and inspire innovation.

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