Martela Podbooth – Phone Booth

PodBooth is an acoustic phone booth designed to create peace and privacy in a busy office environment.The inside soundproofing of the Martela PodBooth is among the best on the market today.  The Podbooth enables employees to take confidential calls, hold online meetings and work productively without distractions. The standard model comes with a built-in castor system for easy movement and is fitted with USB ports and desks so you can work with maximum comfort. The customisable upholstered exterior acts as an acoustic surface, improving sound insulation indoors. Martela have designed PodBooth to offer a peaceful soundscape where you can empower your creativity, productivity and wellbeing.
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PodBooth phone booth is designed to create a peaceful atmosphere in the work environment and its upholstered exterior acts as an acoustic surface. The standard equipment includes built-in castors which make it easy to move.



Sound-absorbing, tempered and laminated glass
Acoustic walls and ceiling
Glass frames and door handle black laminate
Exterior surface laminate (black, white, ash and oak) or upholstered
Standard upholstery fabrics available on product card

Dirt repellent and anti-static carpet, dark grey
Walls and ceiling felt, dark grey
Tabletop and backplate black laminate


– Integrated seat with a foot ring, base black

– Height adjustable, integrated seat with a foot ring, base black
– Seat available with several upholstery options
– Adjustable lighting and ventilation
– Wall-mounted coat hanger holder with or without a mirror, black
– Coat hanger, black



– Castors
– Levelling glides
– LED lighting and air circulation system with occupancy censor
– Integrated tabletop
– Electric socket and charging USB
– The cable location can be selected during installation
– Magnet closing door
– Left handed door

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