Large space for up to 12 people that works well for larger offices. Whether you need a conference room or a silent mini-office within an office, it should provide everything you need.
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Minimalistic design and customisability ensures that Lohko workspaces fit seamlessly to any office. Add natural feel with your choice of Taiga’s signature veneer finishing.

Smart electrics activate when you step in. Create your natural work environment by adjusting airflow and lights or let the booth do the work for you.

Powerful ventilation ensures fresh air at all times. CO2 sensor actively monitors the air quality. Add Lohko Pure technology to safely remove bacteria and viruses from the air and surfaces.

Natural acoustics efficiently eliminate excess noise while preserving a natural amount of echo and a sense of space.


Surface Veneer or laminate
Wall structure Wooden sandwich structure
Inside Wall Perforated surface
Glass Laminated and tempered sound control glass
Door Black RAL 9005, in projects customisable, opens inside


Power supply From roof or from floor with 10m power cable
Socket 2 x 4 pc power socket
Light 6 x Dimmable LED light, Length 2,2 m, Lumens 21648 lm, color temperature 4000k
Ventilation Adjustable fan, Auto mode
Co2 Sensor Auto fan
Safety Switch RCBO

tAIGA concentrate on making our products as good as possible, while preserving simplicity and high-quality. Customizable solutions, modern technology and continuous product research allows us to provide a competitive solution for all kinds of clients.


Taiga’s operations are guided by ecologically and cost-effectively implemented global, flexible, and customer-oriented scalable ordering, production, and delivery processes.


The quality of their products is a top priority. Taiga use materials that comply with the highest regulations available and invest in appropriate research and testing to make sure our products exceed up-to-date standards.

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