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Whippy chairs brighten any dull conference room or meeting space. They also make great additional seating for home or office use.
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The Whippy is a multifunctional, timelessly designed folding chair using minimal materials and wood. Designed by Rasmus Palmgren to be ecologically sound, the Whippy is made from certified birch, ash, or oak.


The Finish designer of Whippy Chairs, Rasmus Palmgren attained a bachelor’s in cabinetmaking from Malmstens Linköping University in Stockholm. From there he attended The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen where he got a master’s in furniture, spatial, and product. Palmgren is known for his search for new perspectives on everyday objects. He is focused on designing long-lasting and sustainable products to negate overconsumption.  His main drive is to create timeless designs that are meaningful yet easy to understand. Palmgren does this by looking out for clever solutions with a balance between materials, aesthetics, usability, and production.

Inno was established back in 1975 and is a family-owned company with deep roots in high-level original design innovative product design, and responsible production. Inno was created by interior architect Harri Korhonen and the company is now run by his son Nikalas Korhonen. The company’s main aim is to produce original design furniture that is functional and can be used as “tools for architects”. Inno produces high-quality products that fulfill even the most demanding requirements, mainly with a view to public spaces, and over the years the company has pioneered several ideas for working environments. In recent times, Inno has developed the “cozy office” concept with a range of products perfectly suited for both public and home interiors, for quality and design-aware people.

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