Martela Ella Chair with five star base and height adjustment

The Ella chair with castors and adjustable height is a graceful and lightweight option that is perfect for small meeting rooms and as a task chair for short periods of work in group workspaces. Customise your chairs by selecting from a variety of upholstery and material options or choose the un-upholstered version. Adjusting the chair’s height is easy with the flexible adjustment mechanism, which enhances seating comfort.
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For the plastic version, the seats and backrests are made from 100% recycled raw materials.


Seat and backrest:

Laminate: white or black

Veneer: oak, walnut, ash or stained ash (black, white, red, green, brown, greige)

100% recycled plastic: black, white, red, green, brown, greige

Upholstery versions: without upholstery, seat upholstery, backrest upholstery (front or fully upholstered)

Armrests: black plastic

Metal base: black, white or polished aluminium

Product Code Number

742197 = five star base with castors and height adjustment, without armrests

753142 = five star base with castors and height adjustment, short armrests

753062 = five star base with castors and height adjustment, long armrests


Castors for hard or soft floor

Black glides

Fabric Consumption

Seat: 0.5 m / 2 pcs

Seat and backrest: 0.8 m / 2 pcs

Fully upholstered: 0.6 m / 1 pc

Bulo believes that change and evolution are inevitable. In today’s world, the boundaries between workspace and home have become blurred. Offices are integrating home and there are hospitality elements in the workplace landscape. Homes are now equipped with office components allowing ways of working from home and changing the characterisation of work to be less conventional and more fluid and mobile.

Moreover, confidence in people making their own aesthetic and ergonomic choices has grown, and when factoring in progress in science and technology, the change escalated. Bulo welcomes this change and views it as a challenge to broaden its design horizons and inspire innovation.

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