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The CHAT BOARD® DISCØ [di·skow] collection is a new and innovative line of glass board accessories that offers a fresh take on traditional designs. This collection has been carefully crafted to provide a comfortable user experience, with wooden discs that are shaped to fit the human hand. The warmth of the wood adds a reassuring touch to the process of erasing and adhering, making it a pleasure to use. With a playful twist, the CHAT BOARD® DISCØ collection brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to any workspace
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The conveniently magnetic DISCØ eraser effortlessly carries a CHAT BOARD® marker in its embrace and comes with an elegant entourage of five accompanying DISCØ magnets, mirroring the same, understated, yet undeniably cool design.

Get carried away by the new DISCØ fever and let those groovy moves slide over your CHAT BOARD® product of choice without regret.

Product Details

  • Materials: Solid oak, treated with matt PU clear coat lacquer or matt black PU lacquer
  • Magnetic
  • Eraser pad in black felt (2 extra pads are included with the eraser)
  • Available in 2 finishes



Originally a cabinetmaker by training, Claus Jakobsen graduated from the renowned Danish School of Design in 2004 and has since continued to cement his position as one of the major forces to be reckoned with on the Danish design scene.

Having headed the design department at HAY as Design Manager for eight years before going on to work for Muuto as Product Manager for another three years, Claus Jakobsen has played a key role in the rejuvenation of the Danish furniture and design industry, creating an impressive portfolio of modern design classics.

In 2015 Jakobsen teamed up with long-time friend and fellow Design School graduate, Jens Kajus, founding Copenhagen design studio, Million, where their shared ideals of creating pieces that are carefully adapted to human scale, using only materials of unrivalled quality with a precise design aesthetic has given birth to numerous signature designs that continue to find their way into prestigious projects across the globe.

In 2021, Claus Jakobsen joined CHAT BOARD as Head of Design, spearheading the company’s journey towards a wholly design focused approach to its dedicated mission to bring out beautiful, innovative, and functional solutions to a working world in constant motion.

DISCØ is crafted from solid oak, and it is available in natural and black, both with a touchable matt lacquered finish.

We recommend getting perfectly warmed up with the essential DISCØ set of 1 eraser and 5 magnets. Both are also available for purchase individually, and the magnets in sets of 10 pieces.

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