Introducing Loook’s Vrooom, the small lounge chair that packs a punch! This unique chair on wheels is perfect for those who want to add a touch of fun and functionality to their space. The name Vrooom! comes from the roaring sound made by a motor at high speed, but don’t let that fool you – this chair doesn’t have a motor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride! The Vrooom! chair’s wheels allow you to easily move around your space, making it perfect for those who like to change up their environment. You may not reach high speeds with this chair, but who knows what kind of adventures await you? Get ready to add a playful touch to your space with Loook’s Vrooom. It was never meant to be a great handling street machine as the driver sits on top of the chair, making for a high center of gravity. The horsepower rating is not exactly earth-shattering, and it has less torque than a baby turning a hand wrench. However, it will help you get from point A to point B easier than ever before. Especially those times when you really have to bring your lounge chair. Now you can effectively transport tired friends and co-workers within and around the office premises. Vrooom! has a max weight carrying capacity of around 200 KG, assuming level floors and fair distribution of cargo.
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LoOok are not furniture makers: they are storytellers. When designing a product, they want to give it a purpose, a place in this world, a part in a bigger narrative. LoOok want to give interior designers and architects fresh, new paints for their canvases, and companies a chance to stand out with a glimpse of our Finnish design DNA.

Designed by Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen


Fully upholstered seat. Metal base lacquered in RAL 9004 Effect (signal black) or RAL 9003 Effect (signal white). Black castors. Rear castors are lockable.

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Additionally, the Vrooom! lounge chair on wheels offers more than just transportation convenience. Its sleek design and comfortable seating make it an ideal choice for relaxation and leisure. Whether you’re taking a break from work or simply seeking a comfortable spot to unwind, this chair provides a cozy and supportive seating experience. Sit back and enjoy a moment of tranquility as you effortlessly glide across your surroundings.


Not only is the Vrooom! functional and stylish, but it is also built to last. Crafted with high-quality materials and sturdy construction, this chair ensures durability and longevity. Its robust frame and reliable wheels guarantee smooth and stable movement, allowing you to navigate through various environments with ease. Rest assured that the Vrooom! will accompany you on your adventures for years to come, providing a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation and relaxation. Say goodbye to ordinary chairs and embrace the versatility and reliability of the Vrooom! lounge chair on wheels.

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