London Design Festival | Office Spa


September 22, 2021

Come and join us during London Design Festival for the UK launch of Framery One – the world’s most connected, soundproof pod. Incorporating the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics. A highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions. Why not join our Launch Party with Finnish Gin cocktails on Thursday 23rd September, from 4pm. Please RSVP to

Framery One has a top rating in the new ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation. We’ve taken impressive precautions to reduce speech that could be overheard outside the pod. This means you never have to worry about private conversations being overheard, or disturbing your co-workers, even if the pods are placed near open-plan desks. The pod’s impressive ventilation will keep you feeling fresh and focused, The ventilation speed for Framery One is 29 litres/second – that’s over four times higher than recommended for occupied spaces. Framery One’s settings and adjustments are just a swipe away. You can manage the booth’s lighting and airflow by using the high-res touchscreen and seamless UI. The occupancy light lets people outside know whether the pod is reserved or free to use. Behind the scenes the digital management system, Framery Connect, keeps the Framery One performing perfectly and alerts you to any potential issues. Both the seat and generous table are height adjustable, with footrests on the floor and fixed to the seat to keep you comfortable for long stretches. If you work best on your feet, there’s also the option to choose Framery One without a seat.

We will also be running an Office Spa During London Design Festival. This is your opportunity to get away from your hectic schedule for a short while and have some zen time. Allow the Neuron Activation Pod (NAP) to gently lead you to a meditative state. Choose the programme for your particular needs – whether it be relaxation, activation or a power nap. Programmes start from just 10 minutes. Please drop in or contact for more information.


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