How can we encourage collaboration in the workplace?

Milly Letcher

June 13, 2024

How can we encourage collaboration in the workplace?

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A study published by Statista found that:

89% of respondents believe that teamwork between departments and other business units is either important or very important to their overall job satisfaction.

That being said, fostering a work environment that encourages collaboration between employees can be challenging. It’s no secret that the working environment has changed drastically in recent years, with more people preferring to work hybrid since the pandemic – 80% of employees believe remote work collaboration is either better than or just as good as in-person. (Corel). However, there are practical measures that organisations can take that enhance the wellbeing of employees. 

However, there are practical measures that organizations can take to enhance the well-being of employees and create a more collaborative work environment. By implementing strategies to promote communication, allocate dedicated meeting spaces, and support remote collaboration tools, companies can successfully adapt to the evolving work landscape and foster a culture of teamwork and job satisfaction.

1. Breakout areas in open-plan offices. 

Breakout areas in the office offer a space for employees to take a break from their workstations, fostering a sense of community and creativity. When employees feel relaxed and comfortable, they are more likely to approach each other with new ideas, making breakout areas a perfect setting for this type of interaction. Sometimes break-out areas can be too exposed, making it difficult for people to focus during meetings (especially in open-plan offices). We suggest choosing furniture that maintains a level of privacy whilst still being open. 

2. Encourage creative dialogue with tools for collaboration. 


Part of creating an environment that encourages employees to discuss ideas is introducing tools that enhance their creativity and ability to share those thoughts. Chat Board’s product range is designed specifically for this purpose. Unrivalled in quality and durability, it comes with the bonus of being easy to clean, helping to give it its long lifespan and making it the definitive replacement for any whiteboard. 

Chat Board Dynamic Wall (Above)
Chat Board Elements (Left) 

3. Playful Design.

Playfully designed furniture can encourage collaboration in the workplace by creating a more engaging and interactive environment for employees. When furniture is designed with playful elements, such as colourful and unique shapes, it can help stimulate creativity and spark conversation among employees. Below we have highlighted some of our favourite pieces from our partners  who have mastered this craft. 

Overdose by Bulo (Above)

Nugget by Loook (Top right)

Skater by Bulo (Right) 

4. Provide private, distraction-free areas in the office.

Private meeting areas allow for focused and productive discussions free from distractions, leading to better decision-making. Additionally, they offer a professional setting that enhances the organisation’s credibility and image, making them crucial for supporting productivity, confidentiality, and collaboration in the workplace. Meeting phone booths are a great way to encourage collaboration in the office by providing employees with a dedicated space for private conversations and focused discussions. Welltek has over 20 years of experience distributing industry-leading phone booths to offices in the UK. Frequently, offices are limited to 2-3 reservable meeting rooms, which may not align with the frequency of meetings, resulting in discussions occurring over a cubicle desk or in the office corridors.. 
Meeting phone booths offer a convenient solution to the need for confidential meeting spaces without the requirement of constructing additional rooms. These booths enable calls to be taken both online and in person, thereby facilitating the hybrid working world while maintaining the privacy of conversations.

Silen Space 2  (Above)

Framery Four Smart Pod (Top Right)

Silen Bridges Portal (Right)

In conclusion, cultivating a work environment that promotes collaboration among employees is crucial for enhancing job satisfaction and productivity. By incorporating breakout areas, encouraging creative dialogue with collaborative tools, and integrating playful design elements into the workspace, organisations can create a more engaging and interactive environment that encourages teamwork and innovation. By prioritising collaboration and providing the necessary resources and spaces for employees to interact, businesses can foster a culture of creativity, communication, and mutual support, leading to a more cohesive and successful workforce.