New in from Framery; Framery 2Q Huddle


May 19, 2021

New in from Framery: The Framery 2Q Huddle is here to make hybrid team meetings smoother. This pod is an ideal setup for meetings, whether everyone attending is physically present or joining remotely. With the Huddle, it is possible to gather teams of four around a spacious table where everyone sits comfortably, with plenty of room for laptops. This spacious meeting pod allows you to bring inside two extra chairs and for everyone to move around easily and even leaves plenty of room for all users to enter and exit the pod individually. Additionally, you can optimise your meetings with a screen bracket and whiteboard on the opposite wall to ensure everyone, physically and virtually, has a clear vision of what is being presented.

The Framery 2Q is available on May 12 with a 4-week production lead time. Framery 2Q Standard can be retrofitted into Huddle; all you need is a spare part kit and the instruction manual, which are available now.


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