Welltek CDW Highlights

We’d like to thank everyone that visited our showroom during Clerkenwell design week this year, whether you came for the Bulo Belgian beers and woodsaver talk, the Chat Board Danish breakfast or Taiga Pre-party we were happy you braved the rain and made it to Seward street. If you missed it, here is some important […]

CDW 2024

CDW 2024

Join Welltek at Clerkenwell Design Week for a series of exclusive events! From Belgian waffles and coffee breakfast to sustainable veneer workshops, network and engage with industry experts.

NHS installs two more Neuron Activation Pods | Elevating Rest and Recovery at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital with the Neuron Activation Pod

In a significant stride towards enhancing rest and recovery, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit Sky Garden have welcomed two cutting-edge Neuron Activation Pods (NAP), graciously provided by Welltek in collaboration with CW+ Charity. These revolutionary pods, designed by Loook Industries, aim to redefine the recuperation experience for professionals working in high-stress environments like the healthcare industry, 

Welltek celebrates Whipps Cross Wellbeing Hub shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award

Neuron Activation Pod

Welltek celebrates the recognition of the Wellbeing Hub at Whipps Cross Hospital for being shortlisted for the prestigious Nursing Times Award. As part of their contribution, Welltek has supplied N.A.P. (Neuron Activation Pod) devices for the Wellbeing Hub, which is situated on the 3rd floor of the Medical Education Centre Dining Room in Willow Lodge.

Official Launch of Tablebed Freestanding Single at HIX 2022

“Hybrid hospitality is the next iteration in the hospitality industry as the lines between professional and personal lives further blur and the desire for flexible spaces to accommodate both sides of life (often simultaneously) fuse together”.
-Hotel Management-

The healing power of naps

the power of napping blog

Adults need to sleep an average of seven to eight hours per night. Nightshift workers such as nurses often manage to sleep fewer hours than recommended. Nurses play a critical role in patient care. They spend a lot of time with patients and they are the first point of contact for their families. A lot […]

Welcome back to wellbeing

CDW Showroom Advert Graphic

Welcome back to wellbeing with Welltek’s wellness hub at Clerkenwell Design Week. To catch your breath and enjoy a moment of calm during Clerkenwell Design Week, head to Welltek’s showroom where you can enjoy a space filled with fresh, filtered air and calming light and where stress management as well as a spot of silence […]

Are you affected by S.A.D. ?

SAD Wellbeing Graphic

S.A.D. stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and it is a condition that is most likely to occur in winter and usually improve with the arrival of spring. Symptoms can be similar to depression, they can manifest with mood changes, sadness, change in appetite (usually eating more and craving carbs), disturbed sleep (usually too much), fatigue, […]

New in from Framery; Framery 2Q Huddle

Framery 2Q meeting

New in from Framery: The Framery 2Q Huddle is here to make hybrid team meetings smoother. This pod is an ideal setup for meetings, whether everyone attending is physically present or joining remotely. With the Huddle, it is possible to gather teams of four around a spacious table where everyone sits comfortably, with plenty of room […]

The Future Workspace

Framery O Booths in open plan office

Working from home is again coming to an end as UK governmental Covid-19 restrictions are eased on Monday 12.04.21. Employees are now allowed to go to work, meet colleagues and get a taste of the everyday work life we all had before lockdown.   Many employees have struggled with working from home and the lack of […]

Introducing Artome M10: the new generation presentable solution.

Reinventing the planning of open-plan offices – Artome changes the way to work and build with audiovisual technology. Artome is a company that brings a new kind of flexibility to the presentation technology industry. The ideology of installation-free, adaptable presentation technology has always been the foundation of the company, and no more so than today. Artome […]

How Green Building Standards impact sustainable design in 2021?

Buildings have an extensive direct and indirect impact on the environment. During their construction, occupancy, renovation, repurposing, and demolition, buildings use energy, water, and raw material, generate waste, and emit potentially harmful atmospheric emissions. These factors have encouraged the creation of green building standards, certifications, and rating systems to ease the impact of building on […]

Framery One: the high level of flexibility

Soundproof work booths in office for meetings, conference and calls

Framery has launched a new product which redefines the whole product range. Framery One is the first connected soundproof pod containing the latest technology, leading sound insulation standard, superior air circulation, and echo-free acoustics. The traditional office is changing and flexibility it the new priority due to meetings often being held virtual. The new offices […]

Introducing Framery One

Introducing Framery One, distributed by Welltek, the world’s first connected soundproof pod Framery One is the latest booth design from Framery, distributed by Welltek. Not only does Framery One look the business, but it incorporates the latest technology, plus leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics, making it the most stylish and smart place to […]

New industry standard: ISO 23351-1

We are starting the year with exciting news about the new industry standard ISO 23351-1, which proves Framery to be the best in sound insulation.  Until recently, there was no suitable way to measure the level of sound insulation of acoustic pods. The new industry standard, ISO 23351-1, measures the pod sound insolation accurately, and […]

Let there be light.

Light Cognitive St George full wall

Hello December: The darkest days of the year are upon us.  Unconsciously, we tend to become more tired and unproductive as the human body is exposed to less natural light. Very much linked to wellbeing, light has a major impact on our health as winter decreases our chances of getting enough daily natural light. Studies […]

Welltek brings 20 millions worth of happiness to the UK

Framery Q Lifestyle booths

Sales of Framery pods top £20 million as Welltek puts workplace happiness centre stage in the office Initially thought of as a fad, it’s widely acknowledged that office booths and pods can make employees more productive, more creative and ultimately happier. They have now become an integral part of workplace design for the open plan […]