Why waste time and money building meeting rooms?

Businesses and organisations have seen the benefits of flexible workspaces over the last few years. It makes good financial and business sense to maximise space and keep areas multi-use. With the expansion of the open-plan workspace, so the pressure on meeting spaces has become a major problem for every organisation. Employees often complain about the […]

Generation Rent: Framery Pods now available to rent through Welltek

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all companies have experience unchartered territory, and with uncertainty set to continue as employees slowly return to offices the option of renting products rather than buying is an appealing and more sustainable option for the short to medium term. Renting furniture ensures companies have ease of access to the products […]

OnOffice – Hygiene and Cleanliness: what will change post COVID-19?

In the short-term, there is no question that offices will have to make some effort to promote hygiene and cleanliness. But what about the long-term? When this pandemic has passed, will it have a long-lasting effect on how we approach office design moving forward? In a survey, Dale Office Interiors conducted with 100 senior business leaders from […]

Welltek introduce the next level of commercial Air Purification Systems

Welltek the leading provider of products that support wellbeing in the workplace, introduces Air0 the next generation of air purifiers to the UK market. Air0 Clean Air System is an air purification solution ensuring that indoor air is clean and safe to breathe. Indoor air is polluted by multiple everyday sources including traffic, smoke, bacteria […]

Welltek Bringing Good Vibrations to the NHS   

NHS Nurse using a Neuron Activation Pod in the Wellbeing Hub

In these times of national emergency, it is important that we all do whatever we can to help those who are battling on the front line to help keep us safe;  Welltek has taken the initiative to provide technology-based furniture to a London hospital. Welltek is a leading London-based furniture company, which is dedicated to […]

Office Blueprint puts workplace wellbeing first at Clerkenwell Design Week

Office Blueprint puts workplace wellbeing first at Clerkenwell Design Week Driven by discovering solutions to improve productivity and wellbeing in the workplace, Office Blueprint, a leading London-based furniture company, returns to Clerkenwell Design Week (21–23 May 2019)  with its range of design-led office furniture. Office Blueprint will have two locations during Clerkenwell Design Week with […]

Work Rejuvenation – Office Blueprint’s Office Spa during London Design Festival

During London Design Festival, Office Blueprint, the London-based leading furniture company, will be re-arranging the showroom into an Office Spa at its Clerkenwell Showroom in Seward Street, Clerkenwell. From the 17th to 19th of September, visitors are invited to relax and rejuvenate by trying a host of products unique to Office Blueprint; these products are […]

Good Vibrations – Office Blueprint brings Neurosonic Technology to the Workplace

NAP blue in industrial style office

Office Blueprint, the leading London-based furniture company, is dedicated to bringing the best in health technology to the UK workplace. This May they will be launching N.A.P (Neuron Activation Pod) from Lo0ok Industries, a ground-breaking Finnish technology company. The pod uses Neurosonic technology to increase the user’s wellbeing by helping to improve sleep quality, reduce […]

Office Blueprint brings Naava Green Walls to London

Naava one slime green wall in meeting room

February 2019 – Office Blueprint, a leading London-based furniture company, will be launching Naava’s revolutionary green walls in the UK this Spring. Naava, the Finnish health technology company and Office Blueprint have partnered to introduce Naava Green Walls to the UK to transform indoor air and positively impact wellbeing. Forward-thinking companies are looking for new […]