Why waste time and money building meeting rooms?


July 2, 2020

Businesses and organisations have seen the benefits of flexible workspaces over the last few years. It makes good financial and business sense to maximise space and keep areas multi-use. With the expansion of the open-plan workspace, so the pressure on meeting spaces has become a major problem for every organisation. Employees often complain about the lack of provision for small informal meetings and quick impromptu catch-ups. Research shows that there are only 2-4 people involved in 73% of meetings.

The traditional plasterboard walled meeting room has been the norm for most offices in the UK. However, they very quickly become the biggest problem in the office. Acoustically they are often very poor and confidentially becomes non-existent. Clients will often build meetings rooms which are too big for purpose, wasting valuable office space. Furthermore, plasterboard contains gypsum which means that there are specific waste management requirements. Although it is not hazardous waste, if gypsum is not disposed of properly it can cause problems.

The third biggest complaint about traditional meeting rooms is the inability to move them quickly when business needs change. Organisations regularly need to accommodate new staff, new departments of even entire new businesses. The initial costs to build meeting rooms is always higher than anticipated, plus the hassle and costs for dilapidation in order to re-instate the office to it is original state. Only to have to repeat the whole process at a new office space.

Welltek has numerous clients who have recognised these problems. Organisations such as the Bank of England, the NHS, and PwC have chosen Framery Acoustic Pods.  Framery are the Finnish pioneering company who designed and developed the renowned acoustic phone and meeting booths. Framery’s main aims have always been the perfect design with unrivalled acoustics.

Welltek was therefore delighted to see CBRE and Framery undertake a worldwide study on the short- and long-term benefits of businesses choosing acoustic meeting pods.

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