Powernap Pod

Whether you work in hospital or office and you are tired, lacking energy and motivation this is the ideal product for you to have a quick lie down to recharge and recover.

GoSleep products were initially designed for airport travel with the products now being successfully used at hospitals, universities and open-plan offices. The pod futuristic but simple Nordic design fits well in any environment.

Is it ok to sleep at work?

Napping in the office has been widely encouraged for some time now to improve employees wellbeing. The value of short breaks and power-naps during the working day is gaining more understanding and is necessary in sectors like healthcare. Powernap Pod by GoSleep is for employers and companies, looking for the ultimate solution to improve staff comfort and productivity.

Powernap pod is the simplest yet newest sleeping pod designed for an environment where you or your employees can benefit from a short rest in privacy without the interruption of noisy surroundings. The best solution for sleeping, power naps and rest for hospitals and healthcare sector.

Our sleep pods enables users to make the most from a break during the workday. Sleep pod feel safe and cocooned inside, allowing for a proper nap.

The sleep pods are manufactured in Finland to the highest quality standards. The sleep pod by GoSleep are safe and certified, complying with fire and safety rules and regulations.

Get in touch for you and the staff benefit and opportunity to rest in privacy without the interruption of a noisy surrounding. We would be happy to provide you with more information about the product, pricing and rent to buy scheme and welcome you in our showroom.

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“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Whipps Cross, you made the staff very happy today. Many thanks for the Neurosonic products – we are so excited to have them in the department”. Dr Jessica Best Opthalomy Education Fellow, Education Academy Whipps Cross