Revolutionising Healthcare: Martela’s Consultation Pods

consultation pods

Welltek has partnered with Martela, one of Finland’s leading Phonebooth manufacturers to supply consultation booths to Healthcare Facilities around the UK. Martela’s meeting booths can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector, providing an ideal space for private discussions, consultations, and sensitive conversations between medical professionals and patients.

NHS installs two more Neuron Activation Pods | Elevating Rest and Recovery at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital with the Neuron Activation Pod

In a significant stride towards enhancing rest and recovery, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit Sky Garden have welcomed two cutting-edge Neuron Activation Pods (NAP), graciously provided by Welltek in collaboration with CW+ Charity. These revolutionary pods, designed by Loook Industries, aim to redefine the recuperation experience for professionals working in high-stress environments like the healthcare industry, 

Welltek celebrates Whipps Cross Wellbeing Hub shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award

Neuron Activation Pod

Welltek celebrates the recognition of the Wellbeing Hub at Whipps Cross Hospital for being shortlisted for the prestigious Nursing Times Award. As part of their contribution, Welltek has supplied N.A.P. (Neuron Activation Pod) devices for the Wellbeing Hub, which is situated on the 3rd floor of the Medical Education Centre Dining Room in Willow Lodge.

Neurosonic Activation Pod wins Best of NeoCon Award for Innovation

Welltek is delighted to announce that the Neurosonic Activation Pod (N.A.P) from Loook Industries has been awarded the Best of Neocon Innovation award. This ingenious product uses gentle vibrations to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension. By reducing stress levels, the N.A.P. can help improve sleep quality, leading to physical and mental recovery

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

Clerkenwell Design Week nordic calm

Join Welltek this Clerkenwell Design Week to meet our Designers for discussions on the circular Economy model and to hear how AI will affect the Design industry. We are thrilled to announce Welltek’s agenda for this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, happening from Tuesday May 23rd to Thursday 25th. Each morning in our Clerkenwell showroom, we […]

Official Launch of Tablebed Freestanding Single at HIX 2022

“Hybrid hospitality is the next iteration in the hospitality industry as the lines between professional and personal lives further blur and the desire for flexible spaces to accommodate both sides of life (often simultaneously) fuse together”.
-Hotel Management-

The healing power of naps

the power of napping blog

Adults need to sleep an average of seven to eight hours per night. Nightshift workers such as nurses often manage to sleep fewer hours than recommended. Nurses play a critical role in patient care. They spend a lot of time with patients and they are the first point of contact for their families. A lot […]

The “Zebra effect”. People shake out their stress at the Watercooler.

Woman lying on Neurosonic Mobile Mattress

We’ve just returned from a very interesting exhibition called the Watercooler. We exhibited for two days at this first-time exhibition and conference on workplace wellbeing and the future of work.  Have you heard the Zebra story? Why don’t zebras get ulcers? How do they cope with the stress of being hunted by lions and not have the […]

Welcome back to wellbeing

CDW Showroom Advert Graphic

Welcome back to wellbeing with Welltek’s wellness hub at Clerkenwell Design Week. To catch your breath and enjoy a moment of calm during Clerkenwell Design Week, head to Welltek’s showroom where you can enjoy a space filled with fresh, filtered air and calming light and where stress management as well as a spot of silence […]

Mindful or mind-full?

Let’s start by saying what mindfulness is and how it works.Mindfulness is a technique that has its roots in Buddhism and meditation.Mindfulness is the quality of being fully present and engaged in the present momentwith no distraction or judgement. We want to be aware of our thoughts and feelings, but we don’t necessarily need to […]

Are you affected by S.A.D. ?

SAD Wellbeing Graphic

S.A.D. stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and it is a condition that is most likely to occur in winter and usually improve with the arrival of spring. Symptoms can be similar to depression, they can manifest with mood changes, sadness, change in appetite (usually eating more and craving carbs), disturbed sleep (usually too much), fatigue, […]

Circadian Rhythm: what is it?

Circadian Rhythm Graphic

Circadian rhythms are internal processes naturally occurring in our body. They are tied to our body clock and therefore they repeat roughly every 24 hours. These natural processes affect most living things and mainly respond to light and dark. There are many different circadian rhythms in our body such as the sleep-wake cycle, body temperature […]

NY Resolutions that will actually make you happier

Path to the beach

  Whether you are religious or not you might practice a day of devotion or ritualistic vows of self-improvement on January 1st. Most of our resolutions though, tend to fail. For example, gym memberships literally spike after NY, they start to decline after the 3rd week of January already, and after eight months around half […]

Four ways to wellbeing

Framery Cards

Wellbeing is a very broad concept, and certainly there is no one single explanation, it can possibly be defined as a state where one feels comfortable, happy, and healthy with positive emotions and moods, satisfaction in life and a sense of purpose. How can we achieve that? Connect. We live in an era where it’s […]

Fractals and stress – how are they linked?

Green tree in field outside

Let’s start by explaining a bit about fractals; what are they, where do they come from, and why should we care when it comes to wellbeing? Fractals are the mathematics behind nature, they are infinitely complex shapes and patterns that repeat forever, and every part of the fractal, regardless of how zoomed in or out, […]

Workspace Design Show – 4th & 5th Nov. 2021

Welltek exhibition at workspace design show

It was easy to get tired of trade shows before the pandemic. They filled up the calendar, eating into family and social time with long days and travel time. It seems all we needed was a break. The timing of the Workspace Design Show at London’s Business Design Centre was pretty perfect. It reminded us that we’ve actually missed connecting with colleagues, clients and business partners, and that we really enjoy making new connections. We are social beings at the end of the day.

Welltek Bringing Good Vibrations to the NHS   

NHS Nurse using a Neuron Activation Pod in the Wellbeing Hub

In these times of national emergency, it is important that we all do whatever we can to help those who are battling on the front line to help keep us safe;  Welltek has taken the initiative to provide technology-based furniture to a London hospital. Welltek is a leading London-based furniture company, which is dedicated to […]

Reduce the risk of viruses spreading at work.

How does air purification work and will it remove viruses from the air? There are two key elements to this question. 1. Particle size and 2. Flow rate A little about particle size: Viruses are extremely small, usually around 100 nanometres (nm). COVID-19 is only 120 nm. As the virus agents are so small, they […]