Revolutionising Healthcare: Martela’s Consultation Pods


February 13, 2024

The post-pandemic healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, necessitating a solution that addresses cross-infection risks and embraces the rapid growth of digital innovation. In this transformative era, consultation pods in healthcare facilities become the answer, offering enhanced patient privacy and facilitating seamless digital communication between Healthcare professionals.

Welltek has partnered with Martela, one of Finland’s leading Phonebooth manufacturers to supply consultation booths to Healthcare Facilities around the UK. Martela’s meeting booths can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector, providing an ideal space for private discussions, consultations, and sensitive conversations between medical professionals and patients. Martela’s meeting booths offer a tailored space for private discussions, consultations, and sensitive conversations between medical professionals and patients. These booths are fully soundproofed, boasting the highest dB rating on the market (Podbooth speech level reduction is 31 decibels DS, A Class), guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality within healthcare settings where protecting sensitive information is of utmost importance.  

From a doctor’s perspective, the integration of digital services allows for real-time updates on clinical information, basic observations, and patient records, resulting in significant improvements in the patient’s journey. Besides conducting virtual consultations with patients, doctors can also utilise digital pods to discuss patient cases online. These digital pods provide a platform for doctors to collaborate and exchange insights with their colleagues, regardless of geographical limitations. This seamless online communication facilitates interdisciplinary discussions, leading to more comprehensive and informed decision-making for optimal patient care. By harnessing the capabilities of these digital pods, doctors can effectively access the expertise of specialists and work together towards achieving the best healthcare outcomes for their patients.

What are the benefits of consultation pods?

Ultimately, the goal is to create a seamless patient journey by combining virtual and real-world services. A recent report by Nuffield Trust shows a significant growth in patient-facing healthcare technology in response to the rising demand for digital tools to manage personal health and well-being, especially after the pandemic. 

Ensuring the patient is at the centre of these transformations is crucial for the future success of digitally enabled healthcare. As highlighted in a recent report, there is a clear ambition from both the national and local NHS to embrace new technologies and bring streamlined digital services online. 

Although it may take time to integrate digital services into traditional healthcare models fully, the potential benefits for patients already far outweigh any resistance to change. Video consultations provide patients with improved access to timely and appropriate care. One of the most important benefits of online consultation pods is that hospital staff can manage their time more effectively. In addition to this: 

  • The need to take time off work for consultations is minimised and travel costs are eliminated.
  • The risk of cross-infection is eliminated.
  • Patients can easily include a support partner in the conversation, if necessary.
  • Hospital stays can be shortened or avoided altogether.
  • Patient privacy can be ensured by utilising secure and soundproof video consultation booths.
  • Compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is supported, thus enhancing confidentiality.


Our team installs the Consultation meeting pods on-site and can be easily moved around the building if needed. Martela Pods are designed to be long-lasting as part of and withstand the test of time as part of their circular economy initiative. Martela’s phone booths offer not only a solution for private consultations in the healthcare sector but also a sustainable option for facilities looking to reduce their environmental impact. When the booths are no longer needed, they can be repurposed for a new user. Even after extended use, the product can still be refurbished or remanufactured, giving it a new life. In addition, any leftover materials that cannot be reused will be recycled or recovered as energy. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the healthcare industry’s growing focus on more sustainable practices.

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