Framery is a leader in soundproof private spaces for open offices, and the only company solely focused on producing this type of product. Framery pods enable time out and clear thinking in today’s open plan set up.


LoOok Industries consists of two young Finnish designers who design for the modern, mobile workforce. The collection includes the N.A.P, which improves sleep quality and alleviates stress and pain via vibration technology.


Naava combines the benefits of nature, technology and Scandinavian design for indoor space to get nature into our daily lives. It’s a biological air purifier, humidifier, living wall, and space divider all in one.


Light Cognitive was born from the realisation that light plays a fundamental role in our health. By recreating natural light in indoor space, wellbeing is enhanced, and people feel more connected to nature.


GoSleep developed pods to sleep in full privacy. They are focused on people’s wellbeing at work by proposing solutions to rest and be more productive.