Welcome to Wellbeing, from Welltek.

“It’s in our DNA.”

The Founders of Welltek, felt strongly based on their own personal experiences that it’s not enough to design workplaces that look amazing. Obviously, everyone wants to work in an environment that looks great – employee pride in their workplace is important – but how healthy a space is is often overlooked.

A fantastic office design falls short if there are no private spaces for employees to join an online meeting without disturbing colleagues, or even to speak to their GP in privacy. An ergonomic office chair is an essential requirement but what about the availability of natural light. Similarly, it’s a great addition to an office to have fresh, filtered water, but what about the air that everyone is breathing?

We feel it’s time to go beyond the aesthetics of office design. With most humans in the developed world now spending around 90% of their time indoors, Welltek believes that the built environment should do us good, not harm. This manmade environment should be healthy at its core. This is why we focus on air quality, natural light, and noise and stress management – the elements which we believe most affect human health from the moment you step into the building.

breathe. focus. recover.

In April 2019, Office Blueprint group launched a new brand Welltek. Based on the Nordic approach to workplace design, the focus is on enhanced wellbeing.