About Us

The State Of Wellbeing Especially When Achieved Through Technology

Our mission

Create an environment for wellbeing at work

Welltek’s mission is to offer a range of design-led solutions to support our human needs when it comes to health and wellbeing. The main objective is to create an environment which not only inspires, but which actively improves the health and wellbeing of employees. The portfolio is focused on products with a unique combination of excellent design and proven Nordic technology.

We are collaborating with leading consultants in the wellbeing industry and have partnered with manufacturers who are using sustainable materials and smart technology that embraces years of innovation and nature’s own design. Living in one of the busiest global cities, we have started our journey to naturalise the man-made environment and bring nature back into our everyday lives.

Who we are

In April 2019, Office Blueprint group launched a new brand Welltek. Based on the Nordic approach to workplace design, the focus is on enhanced wellbeing.

breathe. focus. recover.