Did you know that most of us spend 90% of our daily lives indoors? Most of us live in cities, isolated from nature. We breathe sterilised manmade air a thousand times an hour. This is one of the biggest environmental health risks of our generation according to the World Health Organisation. Work environments should improve our wellbeing, not damage it. Unfortunately, today’s average office can stop you from performing at your best; draining employees’ health and productivity. The Finnish Company Naava is redefining the air we breathe indoors with their smart green walls. Naava’s walls act as a humidifier, room divider, air purifier and whiteboard. Microbes in the plants’ roots purify chemicals in the air, hence reducing illness and fatigue whilst improving cognitive performance. Come and see the benefits for yourself in our London showrooms.
Naava One Slim air filtration

Naava One Slim

Naava One wide and slim

Naava One

Naava duo white product image side

Naava Duo

Naava flow duo wide and slim

Naava Flow Duo

Naava flow duo wide and slim

Naava Flow