Framery O

Framery O phone booth is the perfect solution for calls or video conferences in an open-plan office. An acoustic pod which allows you to have the comfort of privacy whilst not disturbing your colleagues. The pioneering office phone booth delivers an echo-free and comfortable working environment. Installation is fast and the pod is ready to be used the same day it is delivered. Framery is the world’s best selling office pods and phone booths. Every detail of every product is carefully considered and perfected to ensure it contributes to customer’s happiness, from usability and acoustics to aesthetics and sustainability.

Inside the Framery O booth, you will find a tabletop with electric socket and USB charge, air ventilation system and LED lighting. You can add a height-adjustable stool. You can customise the pod’s interior and exterior with a range of seat upholstery, shell colours and frame & table laminate finish options.

Framery O booth can also have a Video Conference Ready option. Please have a look at the Framery O VCR option.

Framery O Booth comes now with a copper-plated door handle. Used for health purposes, copper makes viruses disintegrate much quicker than any plastic or stainless steel surface. Moreover, an anti-microbial non-toxic fabric is now available. This material deactivates the biochemicals within each microbe or virus. In addition to being effective against COVID-19, this anti-microbial fabric is waterproof, bleach cleanable and stain-resistant.

Framery O pods are now available with a castors option. The wheels make it easy to move the booth around the room when needed.

You are investing in the company asset with minimum space requirement rather than into building a room, Framery O phone booth can be dismantled and moved.

The indoor air quality of all Framery products is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is found to be well within the limits of M1 emission classification. The total airflow in Framery O pod is 21,5 l/s.

No flammable materials are used in the Framery O booth and most of the materials are recycled or recyclable. For example, the acoustic foam is up to 70% recycled. A significant part of all steel, aluminium and glass is recycled material.

Measurements: 221 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d) – 350kg

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