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We now know that excessive noise can create mental fatigue and distraction. A noisy workplace puts stress on employees who struggle to concentrate and who must find ways to work around the problem. 

The Chat Board revolutionises visual communication with its innovative design, concealed hardware, and magnetic glass surface. Inspired by coloured glass surfaces, it fuels creativity and collaboration. Elevate your workspace with this extraordinary marker board and experience visual excellence.

Break the stress cycle with the Neuron Activation Pod...

Most of us lead hectic lives, often balancing a busy work and home life. Some stress is normal and can be a good thing for certain tasks and to help you perform however, relentless stress can really take its toll on your sleep and quality of life. It can not only lead to burnout, but long-term stress can also have serious long-term health consequences if it is not managed.

Bulo: Elevating Workspaces with Timeless Craftsmanship and Innovation...

For over 50 years, Bulo, the renowned Belgian brand, has been dedicated to crafting exceptional furniture for work spaces. Going beyond mere functionality, Bulo’s furniture ranges enhance the overall quality of working life for individuals and organisations alike.

Inno, providing tools for architects since 1975.

Inno believe in creating environments that enhance human experiences, whether it be in offices, homes, or public spaces such as airports and museums. With an extensive portfolio of adaptive tools including chairs, stools, sofas, tables, and accessories, Inno showcases their empathy for brands and architecture. 


The link between light & wellbeing.

Most of us live in a man-made environment, often without enough access to daylight. Yet studies have shown that light exposure has an impact on our mood and reduces symptoms of depression. Exposure to light has also been directly linked with health and can affect how we recover and heal. This makes sense when you go back to basics. Circadian rhythms are internal processes naturally occurring in our body.

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